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Putin's chapel in the midst of Belgrade, in the Russian necropolis (VIDEO)

Russians in exile in Belgrade founded the foundation and very quickly raised money to build a copy of the Moscow Iversk chapel in Belgrade

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In the New Cemetery, in the part called the Russian necropolis, Iversk chapel is located, which is more specific than the others because it contains the name of Vladimir Putin. That is why it is named Putin's chapel, because it was restored thanks to him during reconstruction of Russian necropolis. 
Vucic with Putin in Moscow, economic cooperation in focus

The chapel is modeled after Moscow Iversk chapel and it was built back in 1931 in Belgrade, and was rebuilt in 2014. This chapel was demolished in Moscow in 1929, only to be resurrected in Belgrade two years after, and the story about this chapel's destiny is more than interesting.
At the entrance to the Moscow Kremlin, at Voskresensky entrance, Iversk chapel was built, with a clear, spiritual purpose - every man who enters there, to complete any administrative, commercial or other activities, should go and pray there first, and to continue where his work takes him.
Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks blew it up in 1929.


Learning about the incident, the Russians in exile in Belgrade founded the foundation and very quickly raised money to build a copy of the Moscow Iversk chapel in Belgrade.
It was decided that the place of the new chapel will be New cemetery, near the graves where Russian refugees have been buried since 1920.
A copy was done by Stasevski Valerij, Russian engineer who designed the Russian church in Tasmajdan. The copy of Iversk Virgin Mary was transferred to Iversk chapel, and it was believed that it is miraculous, as well as the original.

Russian ossuary was built in 1935 in addition to Iversk chapel. It is a first monument for Russians outside Russia dedicated to soldiers who died in World War I. 
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

The monument was built by the project of Russian architects and sculptors Roman Verhovski. King Aleksandar helped its construction before his death and then, Queen Marija with completion of it.
Historian Violeta Obrenovic took us to Putin's chapel:


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