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Cough if you're done! New footage from the Faculty of Law, a student put on an earpiece and got 8 (VIDEO)

As we learn from Igor, a student at the Faculty of Law, everything was happens in the office of the Student Parliament at the Faculty of Law

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Short video leaked today from Belgrade Faculty of Law where we can see and hear one student allegedly dictating the answers to the colleague while she is on the examand Telegraf.rs staff received an exclusive video of almost six minutes. That is how long it took to dictate the entire exam to the earpiece


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As we learn from Igor I. (23), a student at the Faculty of Law, everything was happens in the office of the Student Parliament at the Faculty of Law and the girl got 8 in February examination period from the subject Administrative Law


The first video that we posted only lasts 22 seconds and you can hear:


- This was the centralization of administration. This means mainly administrative tasks - dictated the student colleague, with the advice to tilt her head a bit more.


In the second clip, however, the male student dictates the answers to the same girl from the former video. In six minutes he managed to give all the answers to the entire exam, and it is easy to see that with the last question he asks her.


- Did you write it all? Cough if you did.


Before that, he dictated the answers on centralization, territorial and political decentralization, administrative decentralization and centralization by governments. At some point the student even asks the colleague if he should read the first question again, and she answers with coughing for "yes" or not coughing for "no".


Watch the entire video:



We tried to get the reaction from all participants of the story, we contacted the Faculty of law, but they were not particularly interested what was happening under their roof in this educational facility. 


- That is individual case that you should solve with Student Parliament. It is not employed on the faculty, so we don't have their phone number, try calling this phone - they told us.


(Telegraf.co.uk / J. Stakic / j.stakic@telegraf.rs)



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