German Vivian and Dutch Boudven started business in Serbia: They say they need help, but it's hard to find workers

They crave for family that would come to live and work on the farm

The future of Serbian agriculture could find a step above organic food production - an innovative method of biodynamics, and evidence is offered by German Vivian Schaidler and Dutchman Bouden Kihls in Jalovik near Sabac, writes "Vecernje novosti".

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This unusual couple of settlers raised a biodynamic farm in the unspoiled nature of a tame village, where they freely and healthy grow strawberries and zucchini, plums and salads, various cereals, alongside their two children, as well as old breeds of goats and cattle.

The fairy tale place is just a little sheltered from the main road, and only by the lush vegetation, which at this time of the year hides the unusual farm and its owners from the eyes of the passers-by.

In a humble rural house, Vivian and Bouden cook coffee and eat cheese and milk from their own production only after when they have finished feeding animals.

On the sunny plateau in front of the threshold, only in t-shirts and diapers, their 17-month-old son Antonin is playing, and Karla was brought to the kindergarten by her teacher Karla.

- People are good here and know that we can not achieve everything because of work at the farm, they help us, and that's why the teacher drops by for the girl whenever she can - Vivian begins the story about Serbia for "Vecernje novosti" and adds:

Foto: pixabay.com

Foto: pixabay.com

- We need help in field work and around cattle, and we are constantly looking for volunteers to cultivate 17 hectares of land, to what extent our farm is currently spreading. We are improving it in all segments and we expect it to be economically independent, which is, of course, the dream of every farmer.

Vivijen told her that she came to Serbia as a volunteer, now far back in 2004, immediately after she completed a four-year biodynamic education program in Germany.

She worked as a support to organic food producers in Serbian farms. They liked the country and the people, and in 2008, she chose her part under the sky and - of the earth, and she settled in Jalovik with Boudven.

When asked why he lives in Serbia, she responds by counter question:

- And why are you living here? You were born here ?! And my children were born here.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Vivian does not have any limitations about homeland, and this is precisely what her life philosophy is, but also the science she deals with.

If the plants are sick, Vivian does not cure them, but considers where she did wrong.

- The farm is an organism, and plants are planted in the crop, which is the only protection. Now I can say that we do not have many pests and that's fantastic - Vivian is proud.

Nevertheless, the German and the Dutch have their own troubles.

Foto-ilustracija: Foter/net_efekt

Foto-ilustracija: Foter/net_efekt

It is necessary for them to get a vegetable picking machine. They bought it, but it is in Germany, due to complicated customs procedures.

They crave for family that would come to live and work on the farm.

- It's very hard to find people interested in this job. There are many families who live badly, who make new debts, their water and electricity is being cut off, they do not know how to feed their children. They could live here with us, very joyfully and relaxed. We do not have subsidies, but also no big debts. And we need labor power just as much as mechanization - says Vivian.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje Novosti)

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