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It will surprise you how many countries 30-year-olds have changed without moving out from Serbia (PHOTO)

Does it sound crazy if we tell you it is possible to change 4 countries without packing up the suitcase and moving out of your country?

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Although it may seem to you that it is an impossible mission to change four countries, without moving out of your country, it is very possible and many of you certainly succeeded.

The Serbian passport is more valuable than the one from the SFRY: We can travel to 111 countries without visa

For example, all Serbian citizens born in 1985, lived in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for 2,407 days, which is about 6 years and 7 months.

Then they "moved" to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where they spent 3,992 days, which is twenty days less than 11 years.

After that the state was renamed into the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, which means that you changed the state for the third time and spent 1.160 days in it, which is about three years and two months.

In the end, we all remained in the Republic of Serbia, where we have been living for 4,043 days or the last 11 years and one month.

Thirty-year-olds changed four states without having to pack a suitcase. Sounds like a "I do not know if I went or came" ...


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