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THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE MONSTER WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING HIM ON THE GROUND: Policemen discovered what was the murderer saying while they tried to revive his son (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

When they tackled the murderer, they saw a lifeless body of a woman on the parking and a horrible sight that will remain carved into their memory forever

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A woman was running across the parking shouting: "He stabbed people, help us", and then we saw him waving his knife uncontrollably and attacking people. We ran over, unarmed, we approached from the back and we managed to tackle him to the ground. But, it was too late for the two of them. By then, he managed to choke his four years old son and to kill his wife with the knife - said the Municipal policemen Milos Nikolic and Igor Milosavljevic, who were at the scene of the bloodiest crime in Serbia. The crime in which Marko. N. strangled his son, stabbed his wife and wounded few people in the Social Welfare Center Rakovica.

These are the angels who were brutally murdered in Social Welfare Center in Rakovica (PHOTO)

When we asked them if they feel like heroes, they said humbly that everybody would do that. Their hands are scratched, perhaps even cut with a knife.

They say they don't remember. Blood of the murderer under fingernails which can't be washed off, and in memory, scenes that will never fade.

Foto: Facebook/Maja Đorđević


No one knows what exactly lead to the double murder, but as we found out, spouses first had a fight in Social Welfare Center, and then Marko N. attacked his son.

Foto: Telegraf

When he strangled him, he smashed him against the ground, and he started attacking the wifeShe tried to run away but he caught up to her and stabbed her to death in the parking lot - said the source of investigation.

Two members of the municipal police were close on the break in that moment. Suddenly, they heard the cries of an upset woman, probably one of the workers of the Social Welfare Center, and then a man waving his knife.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

- We didn't have our batons, so we just ran. We approached him from the back while he was swinging the knife towards the man who was trying to tackle him. He swung at that moment towards him, but he cut his own artery on the left hand. We tackled him to the ground, and i plugged his artery so he doesn't bleed to death - Igor Milosavljevic said, still visibly shaken.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

He tried to wash off the blood of the murderer from his hand, but he failed.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

Marko N. resisted, grunted. Even though two police officers pressed him down, he somehow managed to lift himself from the ground.

- I heard him saying: "They all set me up, her and her friends. They have been trying for four years"... And then the mentioned the child, but he grunted and I couldn't understand anything - remembers Milosavljevic.

When they managed to tackle him, they looked around them and they saw a lifeless body of a woman on the parking and a horrible sight that will remain carved into their memory forever.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

- Some woman was carrying a child outside of the building. She was holding him in her arms, it was unconscious, blue, sweaty, and foam was coming from his mouth. Horror scene - Milos Nikolic said.

The ambulance arrived quickly and the reanimation began which lasted more than half an hour. The body of the boy was on the ground, 5-6 meters from a father who killed her. And while the ambulance crew tried to revive the son, the father didn't react on it for a single second.

Foto: Telegraf

It's a real question what would the scales of this crime be if Nikolic and Milosavljevic weren't close.

- We can only imagine what could have happened. There were many people around, I can't even imagine how many victims there could be - said Milosavljevic.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

As Telegraf finds out, the unfortunate woman reported the monster earlier for harrasement, and he could see his son only in controlled circumstances from 2016.

Our source also told us, it is a man formerly known to police, a former boxer, who worked as a security at clubs. He was prosecuted for family violence, illegal possession of weapons and other criminal offenses.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J. Stakic@j.stakic@telegraf.rs)

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