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REMEMBER WELL THE FACE OF THIS MONSTER: This inhuman strangled his son monstrously and stabbed his wife in Rakovica (PHOTO)

There is only silence in the apartment where Maja and her little son lived

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Marko N. killed his wife Maja Dj. with a knife and strangled their son (4) yesterday around 16 hours in the Social Welfare Center in the street Miska Kranjca 12 in Rakovica. The child wasn't breathing nor he had a pulse, the doctors reanimated him for a long time, but they failed to save him.

THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE MONSTER WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING HIM ON THE GROUND: Policemen discovered what was the murderer saying while they tried to revive his son (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The two of them are divorced, and Marko only had the rights to see the child occasionally. Today he came to return the child to the Social Welfare Center, where he had a fight with his ex-wife. First, he strangled the son in the center. The horrified woman started running, but the monster caught up to her and killed her with a knife.

The workers of the Social Welfare Center got involved, they tried to save her and the little one, one worker was hurt during the attack.

In the meantime, someone called for Municipal Police, and who knows what would have happened if they didn't come right away and tackled the attacked.

Foto: Telegraf

Telegraf is in the apartment of the tragically killed mother and son, and the appearance of the murder was confirmed to us.

The expertise was performed on double murderer Marko Nikolic (43) and it was done in hospital "Dr. Laza Lazarevic" where it was determined that he has six personality disorders and as such he can see the child of for two hours. 

However, Social Welfare Center in Rakovica allowed Nikolic to see the child every Wednesday from 9 AM to 15:30, they did some analysis in the hospital, but they didn't give a final conclusion.

To make the things worse, the divorce trial between Maja Nikolic and Marko was scheduled for today. According to our information, she reported the aggressive husband on 7.1.2013. to the police, because he threatened her that he will butcher her together with her son.


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