The prosecution protected the bully from Stara Pazova, but the cameras captured his cruelty towards the old man he has beaten

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

Stojan first hit grandpa Sveta with a car, and then the sisters Milica and Marija. They are all dead now, and what is his punishment? (PHOTO)

A drunk priest is widely known: People can't wait for him to retire, he was driving next to the deceased in the village where he serves as a punishment

Terrible murder in Croatia: A drunk woman called the police, hung up the phone, grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband!

Bloody drinking: He accused his friend of stealing the phone, and then he beat him to death (PHOTO)

Terrible scene in Montenegro: Drunk driver nearly missed a horrible crash and they were just laughing at him (VIDEO)

They drugged the minor girl to rape her for three days and they recorded everything: The sentence they received for that in Croatia is SHOCKING

CATERER FROM HELL: He drugged his guests untill they passed out, and then he robbed them!

Who is a tough guy, "Bentley" driver, who smashed into the car with president Vucic? (PHOTO)

Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!

Croatia has problems with tourists: Local population is bothered by arrogant Englishmen

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