They set up a bomb in Belgrade, twice in the same place in August: Leaked video of an attempt of terrorist attack (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The bomb, which was found on August 23rd, was set up on August 15th

An explosive device that was found and dismantled in a garage in downtown Belgrade, on the South Boulevard, six days ago, was placed on the same site seven days earlier. The first time it was left there on a scooter, and the second time by a street pillar.

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As Telegraf.rs finds out, a bomb that was found on August 23, was also placed there on August 15th, on the same site. Police say they have never seen so many explosives, and the consequences, if the bomb was triggered, could be enormous. It is a very busy street, and elementary school is nearby a well-visited cafe...

- The first bomb was placed there on 15th August in 7:28. It was left on the shooter, and it didn't have a trigger - said the Telegraf source.

As we found out, there were 200 shrapnels in there with the explosive enough to make multiple kills, at the same time as the terrorist attack.

The second bomb was placed there on 23rd August in 5:25, and as you can see on the video,m the man is placing in next to the pole which is just 50 cm from the street where the cars are passing.

The cafe "Alphonse de Lamartina" is beside the building in the Mihajlo Gavric street, which is made of glass, and there are people visiting all around the day, Elementary school "Svetozar Markovic", Neimar Park, and people are passing there from the Special court, Embassies...

Partizan FC fans are gathering in the cafe beside "Lamatina", and the people who live there say that the head of the police Vladimir Rebic is passing there few times a day and visits the cafe.

Police working on this case said that they haven't seen this amount of explosive since the nineties.

The tenants of the building were finally relieved a bit since the police are standing 24 hours a day in front of the entrance.

Watch how the bombs were placed:

WARNING: It is forbidden to download video material without the permission of Telegraf.rs editorial office. 


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