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The aid was sent to Serbs on St Martin by a plane: Everybody is praying for the hurricane to calm down

There were enough canned food, toasts, and baby food on the plane

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A freight plane with food supplies and water was sent on Sunday evening for Serbs on St Martin island, which was hit by "Irma" hurricane. Those supplies will be enough until the ship arrives which will leave for that island tonight.

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Zoran Milinkovic, who arrived at the island St Martin from the island Guadalupe, said that the situation is returning slowly to normal, but the main problems are still the lack of water and electricity.

There were enough canned food, toasts, and baby food on the plane.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Electricians were also sent to the islands hit by "Irma" hurricane, and the most important is to get the airport working so the people who want to leave St Martin island can do it.

- I have more and more communication with our people. The situation is slowly returning to normal, very slowly, I believe that it will be a lot better tomorrow - said Milinkovic.

Hurricane "Irma" arrived weakened to Florida after hitting the Caribbean islands. 25 people lost their lives on Cuba, while three people went missing in the southern American state.

(Telegraf.co.uk / RTS)

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