Waterspouts over Croatia: Strong storm hit Istria, floods washed river dam. Danger is still not over! (VIDEO)

Unstable weather is expected, and the forecast is the proof of that

Nevreme Istra
Printskin: Facebook/IstraMet

There was a flood of river Rasa due to the massive rain that fell in Istria followed by a strong thunderstorm with waterspouts, which was seen in the open sea.

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One of the waterspouts started over Rovinj, and the other in the sea next to Peroj, writes Istramet.

Taking into consideration the strength of the thunders, there have been multiple sprouts, and it possible that new ones will appear. 

The problems are also the torrents that appear every minute, and one has taken a dike on the river Rasa.

Floods are possible in Pula and Porec, where 40 millimeters of rain has fallen. South winds have picked up and they are blowing with speed of 70 kilometers on Brioni and Zminjstina.

Unstable weather is expected, and the forecast is the proof of that. New massive rains can be expected in certain areas and waterspouts can form on the sea.

Videos show that parts of Istria and numerous roads are completely under water.


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