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This is Nemanja, the young lawyer who was murdered in Jagodina while entering the building where he lives (PHOTO)

Nemanja graduated from the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac

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Lawyer Nemanja Stojanovic (25) was killed this morning about 3 hours at the entrance to his building in Jagodina.

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Nemanja comes from a lawyer's family. The son of the famous lawyer Miki Stojanovic.

A spokesman for the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Jagodina, Nenad Necic, said that four shots were fired at Stojanovic this morning at 2.45.

The Police were informed about the case by the resident of the building who heard the shots.

Nemanja, as can be seen on his Facebook profile, graduated from the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac.

Foto: Facebook/Немања Стојановић

He began to build his career a year ago in his native Jagodina.

Family, friends, and clients are shocked by the information that a young life was shut out in this way. Everyone only has words of praise for him.

All the trials in Jagodina scheduled for today were postponed. All lawyers will hold a protest in front of the courthouse at noon with the demand that the killer is found as soon as possible.


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