Wounded actress saved herself from certain death with incredible move: Surgeon shot her in the head, and Ivana reacted in a second

Preliminary results of the investigation indicate that the family drama was due to jealousy

Srdjan Cvetanovic (59), a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery on the Military Medical Academy, shot his fiancée in the head, actress Ivana Panzalovic (30), and then judged himself from the same pistol. A family drama and a relationship full of strong emotions ended yesterday at around 4.30 in the apartment at Kosta Racin Street in Dedinje, in which they lived. Just before the tragedy, around two hours after midnight, the debate began, and when it culminated, she called the police.

Ivana wanted to leave the surgeon, but he didn't allow it: The agony lasted for too long, and then the actress nearly avoided death!

The actress reported violence and said that Srdjan was chasing her around the apartment with a knife and that he wants to slaughter her! Although police arrived in under two minutes, Srdjan shot twice from the gun he inherited from his father, writes Alo.

- At one moment he said: "If you are not mine, you won't be anyone's!" Ivana was very lucky that the bullet just scratched her forehead. She dropped to the floor, rolled up and she pretended that she was dead. That saved her because Cvetanovic thought that she was dead, so he shot himself in the head - according to the Belgrade media.

Foto: Facebook/Srdjan Cvetanovic

Police saw the terrible sight, Srdjan, who was lying dead in the living room, while Ivana was lying in blood, holding her head. During the police investigation, they found fragments of glass, ashtray, plates, and fan remains that were thrown out of the window, while the apartment itself looked like a battlefield.

- Preliminary results of the investigation indicate that the family drama was due to jealousy. Srdjan was unsure and perceived every Ivana's contact with another man as a threat. So far, there are only indications that there was physical violence in their relationship, which was not reported, and this information is being checked - said the source close to the investigation.

According to him, the inspectors will take a statement from Panzalovic, as well as their acquaintances and neighbors from the building.

Foto: Facebook/Ivana Panzalovic

- Further investigation should determine what led to the tragedy, and so far, according to the traces found in the apartment, all indicate at the attempted murder and suicide - said the source to Alo.

On the other hand, neighbors from their buildings explain that their relationship was very strange.

- About a month ago, the shouting in the entrance attracted my attention, and then I saw a flustered Ivana in thongs and t-shirt trying to get out of the building while Srdjan, on the other hand, held the door. She shouted to him: "You jerk of a doctor, you gave me a black eye!"

- I asked her if she needed help, which she answered negatively, and continued to yell at him to let her go out. I told her that she had another exit, and she immediately ran through it, while Srdjan went to the parking lot. At that moment, I realized that she was furious and she was chasing him"- said their neighbor.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The other neighbor said that Ivana scratched Srdjan's car two weeks ago, after the fight.

Srdjan's friends explain that marriage with Ivana was supposed to be his third one.

Srdjan divorced from his first wife Tanja 15 years ago, who is a professor and with whom he has triplets. Two daughters and son were seven years old at the time. After that, he was married to the nurse Marija, who took care of his father. He divorced Marija after meeting Ivana during a surgery.

He was doing silicone implants and great love grew from it, after that, he left Marija after three years of marriage. Srdjan lived a bachelor life in great style, so he began drinking a bit more.


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