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Ivana from Belgrade has set a record in laziness competition in Montenegro: She couldn't go to the bathroom, she was lying for 39.5 hours (PHOTO)

When Ivana Stankovic stood up from the bed, after 39.5 hours of lying, she said that she felt like a child learning how to walk

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When Ivana stood up from the bed, after 39.5 hours of lying, she said that she felt like a child learning how to walk. The world hasn't seen so much laziness except on the competition that has been held for the sixth time in Montenegro, under the name "You can make an omelet without breaking eggs". The organizers of the competition plan on inviting the judges of the Guinness world record to see how people do nothing in Montenegro with pleasure.

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But, let's return to Ivana Stankovic from Belgrade. How did she come to the competition? She watched it in previous years and she decided to try her luck in laziness. Two of them gave up in the start from the 10 of them, one was disqualified because he was rolling on the floor, said Ivana for Telegraf. He couldn't take it anymore.

- According to the rules, you can't get up, sit, and the worst part is, you can't go to the bathroom. You can eat, drink, and the smoking is allowed - said Ivana.

How did she hold on so much not to go to the bathroom?!

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- It was easy to reach the record, but after that, really hard, it's all in your brain, you have to be strong to control yourself.

The record was set five years ago, at the beginning of the traditional Montenegrin discipline, by Marko Djurovic, from Podgorica, who was lying for 37 hours straight. This year's laziness was held inside, it was the practice to lie down under a hundred-year-old maple tree with a straw in your mouth and who can last longer wins.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Ivana said that former record holder announced that he will return next year to the Ethno-village "Montenegro" in Gornji Brezni, in Piva, to get the title back of the greatest lazy man.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Although Ivana has broken the record, there were three young contenders who remained after her to lie down and who have taken the victory. Irena, Vukasin, and Veljko have split the reward. The total reward was 300 euros, so they split the money to equal parts.

The organizers, brothers Blagojevic, honored everybody with the weekend in the village and with river rafting.

- I thought I could compete with them, but there was no use, they were younger than me, more durable, they were doing it in spite. After all, Montenegrins are the champions in this - she said.

Guinness's book of record, mentioned at the beginning, does not have the longest lying down. This is the opportunity for the contestants to seriously prepare for the next year and enter history.


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