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Girl from Bosnia was born without hands and with a shorter leg: She is a miracle child and she knows what she wants to be when she grows up (VIDEO)

All Ramela's school friends are competing who will be the first one to will help her if she needs assistance

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Ramela Meseljevic, a nine-year-old girl from Begov Han near Zepce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was born without hands and with one shorter leg, and she is a real miracle of a child. 

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She eats, writes, draws, washes her teeth with her healthy leg... She is happy and full of life. 

- When I grow up, I would like to be a painter - said Ramela in the beginning of the report for Radio Free Europe.

And there is no doubt that she will succeed in it, because, everything this girl does, she has done it perfectly. Although it took a lot more time and will. Ramela was born without both hands and with one shorter leg. This was a shock for her mother Seherezada.

Printksin: Youtube/Radio Slobodna Evropa

- I didn't think much about the future because I was definitely in shock. I have been to the doctors five times who told me that everything was alright. I hoped that everything was alright but I was shocked at the delivery. However, she knew how to roll as a little baby, she was positive. Looking at her I was just thinking that thigs will be better - said the mother Seherezada.

In time, the entire family learned to live day by day without expectations. All that time, like every other child, Ramela grew full with desire for life and progress.

- I don't see her as if she has a handicap. She replaces her deficiency with the keg she uses to brush her hair, write, dress, draw... She can accomplish a lot with a bit of persistence - said Seherezada.

The time for school has arrived. Ramela was prepared, she learned numbers and letters, she loved to draw. On the other side, there was fear if other children will accept her.

- When I came to school and when I saw all those children, I didn't know if I will fit in, but, everything is well now, they play with me - said Ramela.

Printksin: Youtube/Radio Slobodna Evropa

The beginning of school was a challenge as well for the teacher Edina Grahic. Two years later, she is happy she got the class as it is and it is enriched with her.

- The class is enriched because Ramela is a special girl. She is a happy girl, communicative. I am surprised how eager of knowledge and game she is and being friends with other children - said the teacher.

All Ramela's school friends are competing who will be the first one to will help her if she needs assistance. Everybody learns how to help other people, but also how to receive help from others.

Ramela's wish from the beginning of the story is just one of many. Like every child, she would like much more. Judging by her persistence, she will certainly be successful in whatever she chooses.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Radio Slobodna Evropa)

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