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Clippers fulfilled Teodosic's request for the letters and every Serb will be proud, Bogdan showed the Kings what kind of technique he has! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

All the clubs in NBA league have done media day before the new season, and the number of Serbian players is significantly larger this year, especially Bogdan Bogdanovic and Milos Teodosic as potential stars of the strongest league in the world

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NBA teams had a day where they posed in front of the cameras and reporters, and we could see the numerous colony of our players there who will play in the strongest league in the world in the next season.

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We will have a starting lineup from the players in NBA league.

Bogdan Bogdanovic chose a number 8, and he demonstrated his technique when it comes to ball handling. He also played a game with Kings' reporter NBA 2k18.

And Milos Teodosic introduced himself to the Clippers and said that he is happy for the season to begin.

Hi Clippers fans, I am happy to be here with you. We are happy to continue our preparations and I will see you soon - those were the first words Teodosic sent to the fans of this club.

Teodosic insisted in having the Cyrillic C on his jersey, which could be seen in a photo with his last name which is really in the Serbian language. Clippers have fulfilled his wish.

Nikola Jokic will be the main man this season of Denver Nuggets, and he spoke now for the first time after canceling Eurobasket and he said that he received hate messages and threats from some angry fans of Serbia after our team was defeated in the finals after Slovenia.

Boban Marjanovic was also in the mood, and he demonstrated his famous move when he grabs the ball with his entire hand and that's how he posed.

It is certain that some serious games are expected in the Pistons jersey this season, after getting the real chance at the end of last season and he took it.

Young Rade Zagorac will have his rookie season, who got into Memphis Grizzlies jersey with the number 52. He said that he is very excited and he can't wait for the beginning o the season.


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