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They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

- None of this was in the car when it was stolen - said the man from Sarajevo

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Golf 2, which was stolen on Grabavica a month and a half ago, was found today on Ilidza by Sarajevo police. The vehicle was returned to the owner. 

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The car was parked on the sidewalk near the main street. When the police informed the owner, he took over the car. He couldn't believe what was in the car!

- I found two boats for children in the trunk, umbrellas, a lot of toilet paper and a soap. There was an unopened can of pate, two pairs of sunglasses, two batteries and the keys from some apartment. None of this was in the car when it was stolen - said the man.

Foto: avaz.ba

The owner of the car said that he had a feeling that the thieves went on the picnic with their families, enjoyed themselves and drove around. 

- When they stole my car, I never thought I will find it again, I thought it will be sold in parts on some junkyard. I want to thank the police for finding it - said the man, reports Avaz.ba.


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