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The mystery of the Serbian lake that will send chills down your spine: Celije are the pride, but also the fear of all people of Krusevac

This story gets a scary tone when you pay attention that this lake takes a life every year

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The artificial lake Celije, located near Krusevac, was created by the flooding of the village, the cemetery and the church, based on the legend. According to the stories of the locals, the lake will claim that many lives as it has graves on the bottom of it. Those who visit Celije claim that you can occasionally see the cross from the top of the church.

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This story gets a scary tone when you pay attention that this lake takes a life every year.

The shape of the lake contributes to making the story sound even scarier. If you search the lake on Google maps, you will see that it has a shape of a dragon.

Foto: Google Maps

And despite the stories that circulate among locals, this lake represents the natural beauty of Serbia. During the summer season, the beach "Pista" is full of people who enjoy the sun and bathing.

Lake Celije is very attractive and beautiful to tourists and fishermen.

The artificial lake was created when the dam was placed on Rasina river in 1972, 55 meters high and the water started gathering. The lake got the name after the village, which is placed on its shore.


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