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Massive fight of minors in the city bus: Teenager (17) stabbed in Skopje

The attacker managed to escape

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A boy (17) was stabbed in a fight that occurred yesterday afternoon in the double-decker bus of the public transport company, on line 57 in Skopje.

Bosnian (19) left to work in Croatia, then they found him dead in his room! (PHOTO)

As we found out from the police, there was a fight on the upper floor of the bus between two groups of minors.

Printskrin: TV Sitel

A boy took out a knife and he stabbed the 17-year-old boy, whose identity was not announced.

Printskrin: TV Sitel

The attacker managed to escape, and the injured boy was transported to the Emergency Center.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)


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