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Bjelogrlic silenced everybody! The actor's response to the drama on Vracar, when he saved a boy from certain death

People who were inside called an ambulance immediately, but due to traffic, they couldn't arrive that fast

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The actor Dragan Bjelogrlic described the act when he saved the life of the boy named Lav (11) with few more people, four days ago, in the street of Svetozar Markovic on Vracar. Broken glass was thrust in boy's hand and it cut the artery, according to Novosti.

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- I don't want to be named a hero, for the newspapers to "pump up" the story, people will think that I am bragging. I did the most normal thing, and I think that everybody would do the same in my place. Besides, in the time when we were kids, we always helped each other. The world hasn't changed that much - said Bjelogrlic.

Namely, the boy went to school on Friday with his brother. When they were leaving the building they lived in, the class broke from the entrance door and it fell down on Lav. Pieces of glass cut his artery on his hand, and he started bleeding. According to the eyewitnesses, his brother quickly took him to the cafe shop which was right beside the building and he asked for help.

People who were inside called an ambulance immediately, but due to traffic, they couldn't arrive that fast. The actors Dragan Bjelogrlic and Gordan Kicic were in the cafe at the moment.


Eleven-year-old Lav is stable for now, they said from the Children's Hospital in Tirsova.

- He took the surgery well. All the injuries were taken care of, the patient is stable and we are monitoring him. We hope that he will be discharged soon, so he can spend the holidays with his family - the director of the University Children's Clinic, professor Dr. Zoran Radojicic confirmed.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Novosti)

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