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ARKAN LOOKED AT HIM AS IF HE WERE A GOD: While he was playing, Ceca held his microphone, and Zeljko listened! (VIDEO)

Famous accordion player Mirko Kodic was the man Zeljko Raznatovic loved and he played on their wedding

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When Mirko Kodic played "Vranjanka" in 1995 at the wedding of Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan and Ceca Raznjatovic, there was only silence among the guests.

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As it is told today, Kodic was one of the Raznatovic's favorite musicians, and the respect Zeljko had for him could be seen in the video.

Foto: e-stock.us/Djenka

It can be seen that Zeljko is sitting and silently listening to Mirko's amazing performance of "Vranjanka" (a girl from Vranje), while Ceca is standing in a wedding dress and hold a microphone.

Here is the video! 

And this is how Ceca sang, and Mirko played... 

To recall, Ceca and Zeljko met for the first time on October 11th, 1993, in the restaurant "Erdut", and Oliver Mandic introduced them to each other, who invited the singer to sing at the celebration of Serbian Volunteer Guard. Two years later, they got married.


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