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A cry of a baby was heard from a garbage container in Sarajevo few hours before the New Year: A newborn was found wrapped in a towel

The doctors who examined the child determined it was a girl, two to five days of age

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Real drama happened on Sunday in afternoon hours in Sarajevo street Kosevo, in the last day of the year, in the Centar municipality. According to "Avaz", alive and a healthy baby was found in a garbage container, few days old.

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Citizens informed the police that strange voices are heard from one of the two garbage containers on the parking in the street. Members of the Second police station - Police Station Center arrived at the scene right away to check what was going on.

One of the police officers leaned over the container with a flashlight in the hand and started searching for where the voice was coming from and they were surprised when they found a newborn which was crying under a pile of garbage. 

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

The baby had a little hat and it was wrapped up in a towel. Few citizens were in shock who were at the scene. They couldn't believe that the baby was left in a container.

Members of the police were surprised like them. They put the baby in the vehicle to warm up. Thanks to their fast reaction, the newborn was quickly transported to the Pediatric Clinic.

According to the first information, the baby was born in one of the Sarajevo hospitals. It is presumed that it was left in a container right after the mother and the baby were released from the hospital.

The doctors who examined the child determined it was a girl, two to five days of age with excellent health. The baby was held in the hospital for observation. Center for Social Welfare took the care of the baby until the identity of the mother is determined.


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