An incredible scene in Croatia: One of the largest animals in the world was recorded in the Adriatic, no one can come close to it

- I have to admit that I felt fear and respect - said the man who recorded the animal

A whale that appeared at the cove of Rovanjska near Jasenica got the attention of Blue World Institute. They wrote that it was a type of "Balaenoptera physalus", or a fin whale. 

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- A few of us went out to the sea in boats. In one moment, two of them shouted that there was a whale by them. I started laughing because I thought they were joking until I saw it. I was shocked - said the citizen of Rovanjska who took photos of the whale with his mobile phone.

Foto: Facebook/Blue World Institute

After the blue whale, it is a second largest animal in the world and that is why no one dared to get close to it so you can't tell wheater it is a female or a male in the footage, nor how long it is. Although this is a very large animal, this species can swim quite well in closed and shallow bays and canals.


The institute stated that there were no healthy whales washed up on the coast of Adriatic sea. unfortunately, if it is a sick whale, no one can help him.

- I never saw anything like it here. This is surely not something that happens every day. I have to admit that I felt fear and respect for the animal - said the cameraman and he added that he didn't dare to get close because of its size.

Foto: Profimedia/Caters News


The institute warns that no one should come close to it. When they come in a more closed area like Rovinj bay, the animal needs a few days to meet the environment.

- He was somehow slowly swimming near the surface - describes the witness and adds that they didn't pay much attention to them, unless when the motor starts, then they moved away.


Unfortunately, people sometimes don't know how to behave near that kind of animal. They want to help but they create noise with various vessels to point them in the right direction, a statement from the institute. That kind of noise causes stress with whales and they can become disoriented and they can tragically end washed up. 

Foto: Wikipedia/Mike Baird

- When we arrived he was still close, but it seemed as if he was going to the Starigrad - the reader said. A corpse of a whale more than six meters long was found north of the cove Zaklopatica near Lastovo, and since it is another species of whales, sea biologists say that the situation is worrying.


It is interesting that these whales can reach incredible 114 tons and they can be up to 27 meters long. 

Rovanjski canal is located near the Velebit canal and continental and sea climate collide there, and this type of whale has the habit of going to the warmer seas. Let's hope that he will find and manage to get out on his own because it is really a magnificent animal.

- We wouldn't like it for it to wash up here - the reader said at the end.


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