It will become clear in the next few days whether Kosovo leaders understood this demand, as well as signals from the West, Kommersant writes

Kosovo is under the strongest pressure from the leading Western states over the attempt by Kosovo leaders to abolish the Special War Crimes Court, and in case this happens, Kosovo is looking at international isolation, writes the Moscow daily Kommersant.

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The daily notes that the issue of the abolition of the court will be discussed by the Kosovo parliament at the first session this year, in the following days.

- The Kosovo initiative was not welcomed in the West. Kosovo found itself under pressure, the strongest one during its 10 years of independence - according to the daily, mentioning that five leading countries stepped forward with the joint statement, threatening that they will stop their partnership with Kosovo in the case of Court abolition.

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"Kommersant" expects that sharp reaction from the West can be understood.

- The first victim of the liquidation of the court will be the process of normalizing the relations between Belgrade and Pristina because sentencing the members of the KLA for war crimes in Serbia is viewed as a compensation for its constructive approach to reconciliation with Kosovo - the newspaper writes.

The daily adds that the Kosovo authorities refuse to fulfill the other two obligations - the demarcation of the border with Montenegro and the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities, although both the EU and the United States have warned that without that there will be no liberalization of the visa regime with Kosovo.

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- This time, an even clearer signal was sent to Kosovo leaders. It was announced earlier this week that the US did not give visa to the Kosovo Prime Minister who was due to visit Iowa on January 11 and, and to attend the National Prayer Breakfast with President Donald Trump in early February.

Kommersant added that the signals from the West did not remain unnoticed in Kosovo because "petition was signed" with the request not to abolish the Special Court, and to ratify the border agreement with Montenegro.

- It will become clear in the coming days whether Kosovo leaders understand this demand, as well as signals from the West - Kommersant concludes.

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