A rare BEAST in our areas was shot: Brutal like the wolf, it spreads diseases dangerous for people, and it can mate with dogs! (VIDEO)

There are more and more jackals due to the lack of wolves, they live in packs and enter yards

Hunters from the Hunting association "Fazan" from Draskovac caught a jackal in their yard.

An incredible scene in Croatia: One of the largest animals in the world was recorded in the Adriatic, no one can come close to it

The hunting association managed to neutralize one male specimen after the increasing information that wild dogs are becoming more spread in the north of Croatia.

Tha jackal was shot by Danijel Granatira, and when they compared the footprint of their last feet they confirmed it was this animal, reports mnovine.hr portal.

Hunters from Medjumurje are really restless when they caught and shot jackal because that is a wild dog, due to the lack of wolves, wild dog has no other natural enemy, and they are allowed to breed with no obstacles.

The scientists determined that jackals can mate with no problems with domestics dogs, and that information frightened the local residents in Croatia.

Jackal is a type of wild dog that lives in parts of Asia, Africa, and south-east Europe. They feed on mammals, birds, it is a well-known scavenger. It hunts at night and it hunts in a pack, although it often roams as a single individual.

They were mostly noticed in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although they were recorded in Vojvodina, and in Belgrade, in the area of Borca in 2015. 

Some locals reported jackals to the police who got into their yards, looking for food.

The forests of Pancevo are also known for the fact that some jackals appear there from time to time.

These wild dogs are a natural reservoir of various zoonoses (rabies, trichinellosis, alarioia) and as such can spread infections because they roam the areas at night which are inhabited by people and domestic dogs by day.

The drop in wolf population is the direct cause of the spread of jackals.

Look at the footage of the animal which causes more deaths a year than shark attacks, crocodiles or all the big cats combined. The animal which can't be rooted out, and we are contributing its spreading:


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