The eyes of the entire Balkans set on the drama in Skopje: Jovan is going to the court for switching babies, and the clinic will sue him! (PHOTO)

Gynecology departments announced a lawsuit against Volcev, and he will sue the leadership of the Clinic

The scandal with "misplaced" baby is shaking Macedonia and it will probably get a court epilogue. Jovan Volcev from Skopje announced the lawsuit, who fears that Gynecological and Obstetric Clinic has switched his baby, because the one he saw after the delivery of his wife was not the same one he was shown, and the tag with the wrong last name points to that.

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He is preparing a lawsuit against the Clinic because of stress, misinformation about the baby and the arrogant behavior of clinical security.

The clinic in Skopje is also preparing the lawsuit. They will sue Volcev for indecent and violent behavior. 

Both Volcev and the clinic reported the case to the Internal Ministry, and they were told that they are working on clearing out the case and determining the truth.

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The father's suspicion that the baby was replaced caused avalanches and comments on social networks, but it was denied by the Clinic and the Ministry of Health.

- There is no situation where a baby is missing or has been replaced. The babies of these ages are identified by numbers, not by names, and everything was done properly. We determined that it was a misunderstanding between the family of the baby and the medical personnel, which then grew into a scuffle - Venko Filipce, Minister of Health, said at the press conference.

The Gynecology Clinic said this as well, adding that the father threatened to throw a bomb and to kill them all.

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- The person that caused the incident, the husband of the woman who gave birth, came to see the baby during the morning doctor's tour when the visits are not allowed. The father wasn't denied of seeing his baby, but he was told to come in the visit hours, at 16:00. The father acted incredibly aggressive, and he charged to the department a few times where the civilians are not allowed to enter, which was recorded on the security cameras. He threatened by hitting the glass with his fists while saying: "I will throw a bomb", and "I will kill you all", after which the personnel reacted by calling security -  The Gynecology and Obstetric Clinic statement.

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However, it is suspicious that there are no answers from the clinic or the Ministry how was it possible to show the newborn to Volcev with the last name Vasilevska, which was crossed over, and then written Volcev over it, and if there are problems at Gynecology clinic with keeping records.

The father of a newly born girl says that he and his family members have been stressed for hours.

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- They told me at nine that the doctor is on a tour and to come back later. I came at 10 and they told me that there is no such baby with that name and last name and to come at 11:30. When I came again they told me I couldn't see her due to the mother's illness record. Later, I invited the television crew, they showed me the baby but with the last name Vasilevska. How can I know that it is my baby, there are perhaps more Vasilevskis in the hospital - the bitter Jovan Volcev said to TV Sitel.

Printskrin: Youtube/Сител Телевизија

He was at the clinic with the members of his family. They were all furious and revolted because the medical personnel lied to them that the baby is with the mother, and Jovan's husband was in the Intensive care department after the delivery, where they don't bring the newly born children

They told me: "She is with the mother. I called my wife on the phone and she told me that "it's not" - Jovan said, who said that he will require a DNA testing to be safe that he took his girl out of the maternity ward.

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