They can kill you in Serbia for 10 euros: "National Geographics" published a video from Sombor, and the terrible comments are the defeat of the entire nation (VIDEO)

Serious prejudices about Serbia and its citizens circulate the world

A video was published on the Instagram profile of "National Geographics" of a village next to Sombor which was seen by more than a million people. It was allegedly filmed on Saturday and it shows an old house and it's tenants while the snow is falling. However, only curses can be understood from what they are saying, but that is nothing compared to the insulting comments certain people left on this video which is a defeat of Serbia in front of the world.

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"National Geographic" has over 85 million followers from all over the world on their Instagram profile. Some of them saw the video, saw where it came from, and decided to comment on it.

It was relaxed at the beginning, with the observations that it must be very cold in Serbia, that the video is cool, that it is "wow", that the sight is nice and creepy at the same time, some just laughed. And some didn't understand why was this video on the page at all. That is why some tried to explain.

One of them warned them to be careful if they wanted to come to Serbia.

- I've been there last year. They can kill you there for 10 euros. Belgrade is ok, as well as Novi Sad. But you should stick to the center and avoid nightclubs - he wrote and then added the comment on refugees, since, this video is telling their sad story, according to him. 

- National Geographics shows how they treat refugees in Serbia, they put them in cold shelters, old houses, and they treat them like animals. Because you are not human for Serbs if you are not a Serb. 

The other one reminded, "what is happening on Kosovo, where Serbs kill children, old people. That is why I am saying Serbs are criminals". 

The third is bitter because "Serbs are forcing their children outside to the snow without jackets", the fourth one simply mocks the idyllic destination and advice everybody to go there next summer.

Humiliating, isn't it?

Foto: Tanjug/Milutin Marković

Luckily, National Geographic has a lot of followers in Serbia, and they tried to ease up the situation by explaining that this isn't the real picture of Sombor, nor of Serbia.

"This house is well known in Roma suburb of Backi Monostor. She used to live there with kids, but they abandoned the object. I don't know what the author of this video wants. He has chosen the worst house to film". 

"The legend says that all the refugees moved into Serbia and National Geographic can't find them anywhere else in the world. Creepy".

"Shame for National Geographic to present Serbia in such a way. Serbia is much more. Beautiful country with pleasant people and best food".

"I don't understand what is the point of showing migrant all over the world, and it turns out that there are only in Serbia, and that no one else lives there, does Serbia exist in the story about migrants".

"Why are you showing videos of Serbia that are only like this? It turns out that Serbia has nothing interesting to show, which is entirely not true. Someone has never been here and follows you, they probably think that we are just poor and pathetic. Please, show some real beauties of Serbia!".

Unfortunately, some of them will never know. Perhaps this is not the real image of Serbia in the eyes of the foreigners, but rarely anyone can remain indifferent.

Watch the incredible photos of Belgrade from the Japanese photographer Yuya Matsuo: 


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