Religious education teacher caught in drugs smuggling and he opened his soul to the police: "Priest Milan makes me dress as a woman, and I humor him"

Priest and the teacher were allegedly in a relationship, despite the priest being married and having a child

- I didn't mask to smuggle drugs. Priest Milan likes when I dress like that. I just fulfilled his wish, to humor him - Zoran Marinkovic (43) said to the police, who was arrested together with Milan Jordovic (41) for suspicion that he smuggled drugs.

Incredible arrest scene in Cacak: Priest and a religious education teacher transported 27 kilos of drugs (PHOTO)

Police in Mrcajevci stopped a car where they confiscated 27 kilos of skank in the refurbished bunker. According to the sources of investigation, Marinkovic and Jordovic were in a relationship, despite the priest being married and having a child.

Jordovic wasn't wearing his mantle, while his partner was wearing female clothes, and the police didn't realize it wasn't a woman at first sight.

The local people only had the words of praise for the priest, and not so much for the religious education teacher - they say he was kinky and that they thought he was a Satan in the church

In Savince, the parish of the arrested priests, they say that they do not understand why the priest did it.

- Our priest Jordo has money, he doesn't need drugs. He probably didn't know that there were drugs in the car. He doesn't need it, he has a big and lovely house, reputation, and money, because he constantly baptizes and had funerals - one of the locals said for Belgrade media.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srpski Telegraf)

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