Serbian Orthodox Church will change the name?

Also, the procedure to elect the patriarch will be simplified

Serbian Orthodox Church will get a new name in May - "Serbian Orthodox Church-Patriarchate of Pec", and the change in the name is explained by the desire to strengthen the relationship with the historical center in Patriarchate of Pec, but also with Kosovo and Metohija.

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Also, the procedure to elect the patriarch will be simplified, and the church head will be chosen with secret voting, with mandatory two-thirds of the votes for the election.

The practice so far "Apostolic draft", a random choice of one of three envelopes with the names of the candidates has been abandoned. That means that the patriarch will be chosen on so-called, election council, with the mandatory two-thirds majority of members of the council. 

If no candidate secures that kind of support, the vote will repeat seven times at most, until the candidate receives as many votes stipulated by the constitution.

If that doesn't happen until the seventh vote, the circle will narrow down to two candidates with the highest number of votes. In that case, the patriarch will be the one with more than half of the votes.

Foto: MarkoTodorović

The important novelty is that the elected candidate for the ecclesiastical leader will be called the Archbishop of Pec, the Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovac and the patriarchs of the Serbian and the Maritime countries.

The draft of the new constitution suggests that the new head will be elected in the Pec Patriarchate, and if possible, the church seats will be in Belgrade or in Sremski Karlovci.

Pećka patrijaršija. Foto: Telegraf

The shaped text of the new constitution will become the first complete one in the Serbian Church since 1931.

- The existing constitution is obsolete and almost inapplicable in many of its parts. Its last major revision was made in 1947 at the time of Patriarch Gavrilo. Since then, a series of constitutional council decisions have been adopted, which have never been fully incorporated into a single church constitution.

- Therefore, it became non-systematic over the time, difficult to read and non-applicable - said the interlocutor from the Patriarchate.

The adoption of the new constitution is likely to be on the agenda of the upcoming session to be held in mid-May.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje Novosti)

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