Scenes from the flooding Morava river are not looking good: The water has breached to the houses by the riverside, first evacuations are ongoing! (PHOTO)

If there is a sudden meltdown, the snow from the Alps could create chaos in the riverbeds of Serbian rivers

While the level of some rivers began to drop, and Morava at the place Koncarevo near Jagodina is still rising. In the last wave, the water has flooded the houses and the rafts near the river, creating a great problem for the owners. On the other hand, five people were evacuated with a boat from the village of Trubarevo in the municipality of Cicevac.

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Whether the rivers continue to flood depends on the amount of snow on the mountains, the speed of its melting and the extent of precipitation in the following days.

Assistant chief of the Sector for Emergency Situations Goran Nikolic says that the last 24 hours were relatively peaceful, but the fears that the river will flood still exist.

Foto: Čitalac Telegrafa

In the past few years, Nikolic notes, local self-government is much more seriously working on these jobs, and this can be seen each year.

Foto: Čitalac Telegrafa

He points out that the Emergency Situations Department has good communication with the neighboring countries and says that without this connection, it would not be possible to function, because, as he said, there are often waves from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, which cause a lot of problems, and that is why the Danube and Sava rivers are constantly monitored.

Foto: Čitalac Telegrafa

He also underlines that the snow cover on the Alps is similar to 2006, and reminds that many problems occurred that year in Danube basin.

- So, that wave must be monitored and we expect it somewhere in April. We hope that there won't be a rapid meltdown, which would cause really great problems, not only in Serbia but in all the countries where the Danube is flowing through - Nikolic said.

Foto: Čitalac Telegrafa

The firefighters and rescue units of Krusevac evacuated five people with a boat from the village of Trubarevo in the municipality of Cicevac, Novosti writes. At the moment, there are currently two vehicles with four members of this unit at the field.

The level of south Morava continues to grow in the area of Krusevac, in the place Djunis, and the water is still not retreating from the State road 215 B Krusevac-Nis.

Foto: Čitalac Telegrafa

Dusan Todorovic, head of the Department of Defense and Emergency Situations, says that part of the livestock has been evacuated from an endangered territory and that the situation is being closely monitored. 500 sandbags were delivered.

There are over 100 hectares of fertile ground under water, and the part of the basements, yards, households and auxiliary objects. 25 homes are in danger with 27 people living in them. The units for prevention and civil protection are at the scene all the time, members of the police forces Krusevac and the representatives of the Emergency Situations headquarters are at the scene as well.

This is how the floods decimated Serbia a few years ago: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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