SINISA IS A REALLY FAIR MAN: Worker of the "Nikola Tesla" airport found 40.000 euros and he returned them to the owner (PHOTO)

The owner insisted on rewarding him

Sinisa Dabic, the worker on "Nikola Tesla Belgrade" airport, found a bag with almost 40.000 euros and he returned it to the owner without thinking.

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It was immediately suspicious to Sinisa when he saw a bag and a laptop on the cart in the parking with no one around it.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

- There were passport and an ID besides the money. I immediately called the police, and they called the owner or the bag. The man came running. He was shivering, he couldn't believe that the bag full of money was just returned to him - the honest airport worker said.

The owner of the bag sat down in his car and started frantically counting the money in it. When he saw that everything is inside, he got out of the car and he hugged Sinisa.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- I didn't want to take a single euro. Simply, I would never take something that belongs to someone else. But he insisted that I take 50 euros, and I accepted the reward at the end - Sinisa adds through laughter.

Colleagues at works can't stop making jokes now about him. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srpski Telegraf)

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