Milos (23), a proud farmer, is elegant and perfumed while driving a tractor: He drinks only water in the tavern, and while others are returning from their night out, he is still plowing (PHOTO)

This young man is one of the rare people who strongly shake your hand and open their gates wide when you come to visit, and he stops to greet the neighbors

I see him glancing towards the sky while we are talking, and as he is slowly returning to the subject, it seems that his mind is elsewhere, as if things won't depend only on this sun and the floods they have announced. He looks as if he just got off a catwalk in his white, neatly ironed shirt, with a wide smile, saying some of the great truths in life, and he is just 23 years old.

Milan made us cry and he didn't even drop a single tear: He was left as a baby, he doesn't know what will he eat for the weekend, it's the worst for Christmass, and he never failed an exam on medical faculty (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I look at him while he is pouring brandy like a real host and he gives us coffee in front of his house in Borca, although he has never tasted one - neither coffee nor brandy. He said that he drinks only water. I am trying to connect that Milos in front of me with the job he is doing and they don't go together.

A giant blue tractor is giving us shade from the first stronger sun of this year, the one you can probably see only on great fairs. It came to my mind that it looks like a Transformer and I was waiting for the "monster" of a tractor to speak. 

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

As if he can read my mind, Milos said that it was his idea to buy it. He was going around Serbia for a year to find the right one. I am sure that it costs a lot of money, although I don't know much about tractors. As if he read that in my mind as well, the young man said that he got a loan for it a year ago, but it already paid off.

Milos Petrov is one of the rare people who strongly shake your hand and open their gates wide when you come to visit.

While he is taking us down the street to his house, people are stopping by to say hello, and he is waving with a smile. He said that you should always show respect to your neighbors. One of the manners which seem long forgotten.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

He used to be a football player, the offers came from abroad, China, but he admits that, he was realistic and he decided to leave sports to continue the family business. That's how he became a farmer.

While he explains how he works on his land, I can't put my finger on what is his perfume exactly, but it is very pleasant. Although the sun gets into his eyes, he is taking off his glasses because of good manners and he looks me in the eyes while we speak.

- I had trained football since I was 7 years old, but I stopped when I was 20 years old because everything I have now: a house, property, machines, reputation... everything was acquired by someone else. My great-grandfather, my grandfather, father. They all dedicated their lives to this and I can't just throw away their legacy. I have made a decision, I abandoned football and went to agriculture. I wave switched my jersey with work suit - he said.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

And not just any suit. Milos said that he is very neat due to the zodiac sign that affects him, but I doubt it. I think that he is simply just like that.

- My workday lasts for 12 hours at least. There was general belief before that farmers are dirty, but that is not the case with me. My tractor is my office, and I spend my entire day in it, why should I keep it dirty? I go in it in a white shirt, clean perfumed, I put my sunglasses - Milos said while the tractor is shining behind him.

- I had to go through the center of Borca with the tractor last summer, in a white shirt with glasses, people looked at me as if I was from another planet. One girl looked at me so much that she almost caused a crash - Milos said with a smile.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

Although it sounds incredible, he has never had any downfalls in his life. So young, and his family, religion, and discipline come first.

- You have to give up a lot of things. I work every day from morning till night. My job depends on weather conditions, I often wait for night to come so I can plow, while my peers are going out, I go to the field to plow at midnight. While they are returning from the tavern, I am still plowing and I finish at around 7 AM. One time, I was with my friends in a cafe and they went to sleep at midnight, and I went to the field - He is honest.

Although work comes first, this urban young man has a normal life of a 23-year-old.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- Of course, I like to go out and have fun, but no alcohol. I drink only water in the tavern. They say that I don't know what I am missing, and I don't know for better. I would never drink alcohol because I don't need anything to artificially fix my mood. I am great even without it - Milos said.

He adds that he would like to make up some pills against sleeping because 24 hours are not enough for everything he must do. Besides spending 12 hours at work, Milos is training in the gym every night before sleep.

- Imagine you have to replace the tire on a tractor, and you don't have the strength to do it. There should be a rule that every farmer should train - Milos' father said and I think that he is right while looking at the tractor tire which is larger than any of us.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

When I say to Milos that he is standing out from his generation who think that it is a shame to do agriculture, he responds immediately:

I am proud of the life I have and which I chose. Many can't decide what will they do with 30 years of age, and I decided sooner. I chose an honest work which can support my family. I never had regrets, although it's hard - he is honest and he looks at the sky again.

He makes plans in his head when he will go to the field and jumps out of his chair at the same time to help his mother with the tray with coffee. Another of the manners which seem forgotten.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

We will let them return to work, and they thank us for coming.

- We rest from work only when we have guests, so you could have stayed longer - Milos' father said while he is saying goodbye, with a smile on his face.

We asked Milos how do girls react to him, to his mature way of thinking and the job he is doing.

- I don't talk about it, and I don't bring girls to the house. They don't have to know everything about you, and you bring only the one that will stay there. That is how you respect the family first of all - he said at the end.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

There are young and successful farmers in Serbia, and did you know about this village with two names:

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