Aleksandra was just 21 when the doctors gave her only one more month to live: One decade later, this brave girl reveals why she lived (PHOTO)

Doctors were amazed when the results of the chemotherapy arrived

Aleksandra Matic from Bukovac near Novi Sad was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 21 which spread on her brain. The doctors gave her slightest chances of survival. Nine years later, this brave girl completely recovered and she told us about her life after the diagnosis and during treatment.

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- The pain was so unbearable after the chemotherapy that I wanted to end it all, to go where I was destined to go, as they say, there is no suffering, no pain, no unhappiness... Sometimes I had to crawl to the bathroom because I didn't have the strength to walk.

I was dragging on the floor, and then I stopped, I had to rest for few minutes and only then I would continue. It took me up to 15 minutes to reach the bathroom, and it was just three meters away from me. I had less than 40kg - the girl remembers, and the doctors gave her only one month to live when the doctors discovered cancer.

No matter how grim the diagnosis was and how hard the treatment was, Aleksandra never had doubts that she will beat the sickness.

- She was sick all the time when she was little. Various viruses and infections were just coming one after the other, and the doctors said that it was all due to the surprisingly weak immune system. And the results were always good. However, my stomach inflated one night as if I was eight months pregnant, and then it deflated. 

My body temperature started rising and I was really afraid because some inner voice told me that I had cancer. After the examinations and the words "what were you waiting for until now", I asked them to tell me the truth and the words thundered: "one more month" - Aleksandra said.

Although she secretly hoped for a way out, she was still thinking about death.

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- I would lie if I said that I wasn't afraid. They operated on me and they sent me home because they didn't believe that I could be treated. I lost my ovaries after the surgery, my womb, lymph nodes and abdominal tissues. Although cancer has metastasized to the brain and colon, doctors advised me not to go to the chemotherapy, which would kill me instantly because of my bad immune system - Aleksandra said.

- However, I have decided not to go down without a fight, and here I am today, alive and well, with the ones who love me the most.

- I was so weak, even the closest people to me feared that I won't live through chemotherapy. But, I knew I had to fight, not to despair and to be depressed - Aleksandra said.

Doctors were amazed when the results of the chemotherapy arrived.

- They told me that my organism has regenerated and that I was completely healthy. Everything from my brain and my intestines is gone. I go to regular controls every 9 months and I eat healthily. However, I have been in climax for eight and a half years, so I have cholesterol, osteoporosis, weaker memory. When I look at everything that has happened to me, it's no wonder that the doctors declared me a medical phenomenon - she said.

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She fell in love with hairdressing while styling her wig.

- I used to go to the friend in the saloon during my chemo to get my nails done and to stylize my wog. After that, I started doing that alone at home and that is how I loved the hairdressing. I started working in the saloon right after the therapy. I plan on enrolling in the academy because I am really good at this job. I would like to open my saloon with treatments for cancer patients, and I will probably succeed in this one day - this young and brave woman wishes for it.


Aleksandra stresses that the greatest supports in her life are sisters Zorica, Ranka, Dragana and Ljiljana, her mother Stana and her father Bozo, who is no longer among the living, unfortunately.

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- When the doctors said that I won't live more than one month, I knew that I would be selfish towards me and to my parents if I gave up. I was aware that they would go through much larger troubles from the ones that I was going through because we always fear for the lives of our loved ones, more than for ourselves. That is why I decided to fight and to fight till the end - Aleksandra said.


- I was sich all of a sudden when I was 14 and I lost my sight. They urgently took me to Children's hospital in Novi Sad, where all I could hear was a life support's dull sound and my mother's painful cries next to the bed. Everything became white for me, no picture or sound.

When I came to, they told me that I have survived clinical death?! I thought that it can't be worse than this, then they discovered the sinister disease which I paid with five organs and with the hope that I will be a mother one day. However, I can adopt and I can make a child happy. Mother is not only the one that gives birth but also the one who loves - brave Aleksandra Matic from Bukovac near Novi sad finished her talk.

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