A 2-meter long snake that literally fell down from the sky on people (PHOTO)

The photo was created and it documents how scary the scene was when they found it

Members of the mountain club "ERE" from Uzice had a good scare when they met the 2-meter snake face to face. The photo was created and it documents how scary the scene was when they found it.

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Slobodan Stefanovic, the lead of the action and the guide of the trip, quests, and expeditions explained for the portal uziceoglasnatabla.com how the photo was recorded and that this is not a venomous snake.

- We met it in Asanovo village above the Studenica valley near the place Devici, municipality of Ivanjica, under the top Crepuljnik when the climbers of the Mountaineering Club Era from Uzice climbed the mountain tops. The snake was in near vicinity of an abandoned house. Since the number of abandoned houses increases in our villages, the number of the examples like this in their vicinity increases. 11 out of 13 houses in Asanovo village have been abandoned. It might be very big, but it is just an aesculapian snake which is not venomous.

Foto: uziceoglasnatabla.com

There are two venomous species of snakes in Serbia, Common European Viper, and Horned Viper, and this video from Uzice village frightened a lot of people. The videos from 31st May 2017 show a huge snake which got into the raspberry plantation, and whoever saw this named the video Anaconda from Uzice.

What to do if you see a snake?

When you come across a snake, first of all, don't panic and don't make sudden movements. Make a step, or two back, and go around it. If you don't try catching it with your bare hands or stepping on it, the snake won't bite you.

If you get bitten by a snake

If you get bitten by Common European viper or Horned Viper,  you should receive an antidote as soon as possible. You need to tie up the place above the bite and to ease up the knot every 20 minutes to allow the circulation; on the contrary, if it remains tied up 2 or three hours, gangrene may occur due to a lack of circulation.

If it's possible, the beaten person shouldn't move, because that speeds up the circulation and the poison spreads through the body.


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