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A new drug is raging around Serbia, 100 times stronger than morphine: The brain swells up and the organs are shutting down from one pill!

The use of this substance is on the rise in our country and is sold as heroin

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The fight with new drugs is similar to fighting against windmills. Drug dealers are tireless in the fight and they are constantly making new substances win their factories that are becoming stronger on the street. The neighbors Croats are having struggles with the anesthetic diphenidol which causes serious loss of memory and hallucinations. Since there is only one border between us, there is fear that this drug could take victims in our country. 

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- Diphenidol is a very old dissociative anesthetic discovered in the 1920s and a forerunner of much more famous fentanil. The data from 2013 discover the distribution of Diphenidol as a newly designed drug on the black market, which actually is notdoctor Svetlana Vucetic-Arsic from the special hospital for treatment of addictions explains.

- According to the data we have, abuse of Diphenidol wasn't recorded here, but phentalene was. The use of this substance is on the rise. The patients are being treated in our institution - doctor Vucetid - Arsic explains.

This drug is sold as a tablet of gray-green color with the main chemical ingredient - phentalene, which is used to relieve severe pain, especially in cancer patients.

Phentalene is around 100 stronger than morphine. 

Foto-ilustracija: Pixabay

Just one pill can cause kidneys and liver to fail, as well as brain swelling, according to the warning issued by DEA, the American agency fighting against drugs.

Although phentalene is very good as an analgesic for some diseases and conditions, there is a great danger of its abuse. The abuse of this drugs has been recorded all over the world.

Dealers are selling this drugs as a heroine to their buyers, and that is why the number of overdosed people is increasing. We remind you that ten people died from overdosing on this drug in 12 days, nine of them being from Sacramento.

Foto: Telegraf

It can be dangerous for health even when it is used to relieve pain. Using the phentalene as a painkiller can easily be an overdose. Patients who, due to a disease, have great pain often increase the dose and further cause damage to their health, even death.

Some of the famous cases of overdosing with phentalene are the singers Prince and Lil Peep. Prince consumed phentalene due to great pains, and he died because of overdose, while Lil Peep took phentalene, together with other substances, as drugs.

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