Sofia fortress: Several thousand police officers guard Vucic and other leaders of EU and Western Balkans on the Summit (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Over 30 delegations from the Old Continent are participating in this significant gathering, led by the heads of the state and governments, and several thousands of members of Security forces are engaged to take care of their safety

The Summit of the leaders of the European Union and the Western Balkans is taking place in the Sofia National Palace of Culture. As over 30 delegations from the Old Continent led by Heads of State and Government are taking part in this important gathering, thousands of members of the security forces have been hired to take care of their security. 

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Sofia has been turned into a fort in the last two days. Members of the security forces are at every step in the inner city core, where the National Palace of Culture is located, in which the Summit of the leaders of the EU and the Western Balkans takes place.

The members of the regular police, special forces, as well as Gendarmerie are on the streets, and the communication devices are giving away the undercover people. 

Foto: Telegraf

As we found out from the local media and from citizens, there has been a special traffic regime in the capital of Bulgaria in the past two days. 

Foto: Telegraf

Many streets are blocked, even the well informed taxi drivers are not finding their way.

Foto: Telegraf

The increased security like this is no surprise since there are 28 delegations on the highest level from the states of EU and 6 more delegations from Western Balkans.

Foto: Telegraf

900 accredited reporters are following the events in the Summit framework.

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