The driver from hell hit children and killed little Aleksa on Divcibare. Was he driving his child in the back seat?

V.V. was arrested on sight and the car was taken to special technical examination to determine if the suspect drove with defective brakes or did they fail suddenly

The driver V.V. from Belgrade (43) who ran over a row of children on Divcibare and who murdered Aleksa Dimitrov (10) on the spot, drove his own child in the back seat, according to the media. Although the car wasn't raging on the road, the driver took a turn from the road to the sidewalk and he rushed straight to the column of children, although the teacher desperately waved him to stop. Two girls T.S. (10) and V.T. (10) suffered serious injuries and they were transferred to the hospital in Valjevo.

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V.V. was arrested on sight and the car was taken to special technical examination to determine if the suspect drove with defective brakes or did they fail suddenly as the driver claimed after the terrible accident.

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To recall, the terrible accident happened near the hotel "Pepa" where children were located. The students of the elementary school from Subotica were supposed to return home today from the recreational classes and they wanted to use the time between breakfast and lunch for a walk.

The row of students from the third grade of elementary school passed the street. When more than half of them reached the other side of Valjevo street, the "Toyota" with Belgrade license plates crashed into them, which was driven by V.V. (43).

- The man who usually comes over the weekend from Belgrade came to pick up his child to return him home. We know him from around. He was driving at average speed, but he didn't break, as if he didn't see the children at all. He was going straight to the children! The teacher tried to stop him but in vain. she was waving desperately and shouted at him to stop, but he didn't react. He ran over a boy and he injured two girls and a teacher. His child was in the back seat. No one understands did he turn to the child or if he was watching at the phone when he turned - the people passing by who were there near the accident.

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The driver stopped as soon as he saw what he did.

- He went out of the car and he started crying! He grabbed his head and he started yelling: "My brakes stopped working!" - the locals of this tourist place said.


The entire Subotica is silent because of this tragedy, and the family of the boy is mute from sorrow.

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- He was sending pictures of his recreational classes every day, he was full of impressions, and we couldn't wait for him to come home to tell us about it. We will never hear the stories... He was such a good ad smart child, he was really looking forward to going and hanging around. This is like a worse nightmare. Son Vladimir and daughter in law went to Valjevo immediately and we are waiting for them to call - Zlatinka Dimitrov said for "Novosti" while crying, the grandma of the ten-year-old Aleksa.

The father Vladimir Dimitrov took the news about the death of his son very hard.

- He and his wife have two more daughters. Instead of waiting for his child in front of the school, he got the news that his son died. He couldn't get a hold of himself from the shock. Friends of the boy were released home from Valjevo hospital. Both with rails in their legs. One in the shin and ankle in the other - an acquaintance of the miserable father said.

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