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Palace Albanija is on fire: Firefighters are putting the fire out, the Ambulance has arrived (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Drama in the center of the city

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A fire broke out in the Palace Albania this morning around 10 AM. As we found out, the firefighters and Ambulance are on the scene.

Albania safer than Serbia, but the other neighboring countries are far behind

Smoke can be seen and felt in the center of the city.

Foto: Marija Nikolić

Foto: Marija Nikolić

Foto: Marija Nikolić

Foto: Marija Nikolić

As Telegraf finds out, the fire started in the basement and it spread to the floors, and thick black smoke has risen above the center of the city.

The building is evacuated and firefighters are doing their job.

Few people went to the ambulance to ask for help because they had problems breathing, and one person was taken to the Orthopedic Department, while others were provided with first aid on the scene.


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