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They made a commercial for glasses in Jasenovac camp: Croats found another way to make fun of the Ustasha's victims


The brigade that killed a lot of Serbian children in Croatian camps was called "Black Legion" - the name that reminds of the latest series of these glasses

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The Australian company Valley Eyewear, which deals with the sale of glasses, recorded commercial photos and videos alongside the monument to the victims of the Jasenovac camp, where many hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Romas where murdered during the World War two, in the time of the Independent State of Croatia, and there were children among the victims, "Vecernje Novosti" writes.

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Shortly after the Serbian media published this news, and a huge number of followers criticized the company for using the site of suffering for promotional purposes, they withdrew all the photos and videos created in Jasenovac from the social media.

Printskrin: Facebook

But, some of the photos and print screens remained on the social networks.

Presenting a new collection, a model is walking on a snowy field on a dark winter day. It is hinted, as it was stated, that the idea of the marketing expert who came up for this disgusting campaign, at the least, that you can see through every darkness through the glasses of this company, even through this monstrous one that swallowed thousands of thousands of people who died in the most terrible pains. 

On the company profile, on "Instagram", the explanation is stated next to the photo that the shooting was done in Croatia next to the monument "in remembrance of hundreds of thousands of people who died in this place".

Printskrin: Facebook

The decision to use the camp as a marketing trick has caused numerous comments like those "they could have gone to Auschwitz to film it", and "the background photo is haunting really nicely"...


"Novosti" writes that, unofficially, there is information that Croatian community in Austria got involved and that their members suggested this location to make the videos. 

Printskrin: Twitter

They didn't know in the Public Institution "Memorial area Jasenovac" that the commercial video was made. They said that they were surprised and that they will comment on the case when they investigate what it was about, "Novosti" writes.


Other photos appeared on the profiles of this company when they removed the ones which had Jasenovac on then. This time they were taken in front of the Monument of the Revolution of the people of Moslavina, near Podgaric in Moslavina, where the partisan base was created at the end of the war.


- Stop using Yugoslav war monuments for your hipster bullsh*t of glasses - Croat Anton wrote on their Facebook profile.

- Are you disrespecting the memories of fascism victims from the World War II? What a shame - a woman from Belgrade wrote.

- Valley Eyewear, you desperately need new eyes for moral blindness - Vesna concluded.


The company didn't apologize for this shameful marketing move, which isn't just humiliation of Serbian, but also Jewish, Roma and Yugoslav victims.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.D.S. / Tanjug / Vecernje novosti)

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