All monuments raised to invaders, war criminals and terrorists will be removed from Serbia: First one to go is Acif Efendi

A list of monuments of unworthy persons is quite long

In accordance with the Law on War memorials, it is most probable that all of the monuments erected to the conquerors, war criminals, and terrorists will be removed by the fall and no initiative which insults religious and national feelings will be accepted in the future, which glorifies fascist and separatist ideas.

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Individuals won't decide on that anymore, but the state and the memorial plaque of Acif Efendi in Novi Pazar and to so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedja in Presevo will be removed, most likely by autumn.

All other monuments in Serbia dedicated to the conquerors, war criminals, and terrorists will share the same fate. 

No initiative will be accepted that offends religious and national feelings, historical achievements, glorifies fascist and separatist ideas and decisions won't be made by individuals, but by the state. 

A list of monuments of unworthy persons is quite long, and most of them are at the south of Serbia and in Vojvodina.

All of them will be on the agenda of the Council for the cultivation of the tradition of liberation wars whose establishment is expected no later than mid-August, in accordance with the recently adopted Law on War Memorials.

- The Council will decide on the conditions for raising new ones and removing old military monuments - State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Negovan Stankovic told "Novosti".

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