Thank you, Serbia: Little Teodora (10) has beaten leukemia and she returned home after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt (PHOTO)

"Thanks to entire Serbia, to everybody who helped us, thanks to the good people I was able to treat my child"

Teodora Vranjesevic (10) from Kragujevac returned home with parents after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt. Last year, citizens of Serbia gathered 350.000 euros for her treatment for leukemia, and it was in the last moment.

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Tea asked her parents to return home the same way she went, but healthy this time, as a winner.

- She hasn't seen her apartment for two years. She was first treated in Belgrade, and then in Germany. After those two years, she is among people without a mask over her face, for the first time. She grew 10 centimeters, she matured as of she was 20, not 10. She is overjoyed! She is eager for a normal life. She and the three of us forgot what was that like - said Tea's father Bogdan Vranjesevic.

Foto: Telegraf

He said that "Tea is fine now" and thanks to entire Serbia, to all of those who helped us, thanks to the good people I was able to treat my child.

Foto: Telegraf

- I was in agony, mildly speaking, when I asked for help last year. I was told that the treatment for my child will cost 350.000 euros and I had no hope at that moment that I will manage to gather the money when so many parents are begging for help. A miracle happened to my family. Thank you - repeats Vranjesevic.

Teodora's first transplant in Frankfurt was performed on July 13, last year. Then there were complications which followed the child for months - the return of the illness, unexpected autoimmune disorder, kidney and liver failures. Teodora Vranjesevic "entered" the books of medicine due to all of these complications, and the doctors in Frankfurt told her family that they are experiencing some of the things for the first time with leukemia patient in her case. Tea's sickness contributed to the progress of medicine in this area.

Foto: Telegraf

- Teodora is now feeling well. The last results are great. The transplant of the bone marrow is the most difficult transplantation and nobody can say that's it, the treatment is over.

The first five years are the most important. Tea will have controls and therapies in the next few weeks in Belgrade, and the next big control in Frankfurt is scheduled for November 27. We hope that we will take her only for the controls from now on - said Vranjesevic.

Foto: Telegraf

The treatment of little Teodora wasn't 350.000 but 460.000 euros due to complications she had. Vranjsevic family was lucky because citizens of Serbia continued paying the money over foundation "Be Humane". The foundation was directing the money and they paid the clinic in Frankfurt.

Teodora is celebrating her first birthday on July 13, today, the day when she had the bone marrow transplant. And then she will celebrate on September 11th, when she was born.

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