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A mother asked for help over Facebook for her daughter whose car broke down in Greece, and this mechanic came right away on +40 degrees

The mother's plea had over 270 comments, and most of them were advices and desire of people to help

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The mother of the girl whose car broke down in front of the shop in Thessaloniki asked for help in a group "Live from Greece" and a mechanic came in just one hour in front of them and fixed the car while it was scorching 40 degrees.

It was hardest for Jovan to say: "I don't have". He fought for a piece of bread, and he was full only when the cherry was ripe, and now he is feeding others (PHOTO)

- URGENT... Is there someone in Thessaloniki in Ikea? My daughter (20 years old) is alone and she can't start her car, and she needs to continue going to Chalkidiki... If someone could just take a look at the car and help her start... the car is just near the main entrance to Ikea. And we are in Serbia - the desperate mother cried.

Printskrin: Facebook

Many members answered who tried to solve the problem with messages and bits of advice, and Aleksandar Andric from Valjevo went a step further. He said that he is on Chalkidiki and that he will go towards them in one hour.

Aleksandar really came, he fixed the car for hours and he did it in the end, and the daughter sent a message to the mother: "Mom, you have no idea how much trouble Aleksandar had, 40+ degrees without a shade, he took apart half of the car, the seat... without computer... and in the end he managed to do it all by himself!" 

Printskrin: Facebook

They made a selfie in the end, and Aleksandar continued his path to Serbia after many hours of fixing the car.

The Administrators of the page concluded that this world is better than it seems at the times.

VIDEO: Young man moved a car out of the parking with his bare hands. 


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