Two countries, one soul: Montenegro kids celebrated the European gold with "Eagles"! (VIDEO)

The beautiful and friendly atmosphere created by the boys who were born in the same country!

Basketball players of Serbia won gold at the U18 Eurobasket, and we could see really touching moments at the end of the match.

Serbia is the champion of Europe in basketball: Pecarski and Petrusev broke Latvia in the middle of Riga! (VIDEO)

Our boys were on the brink of tears of joy after the victory against the home team of Latvia, and they had a really great and loud cheering group.

Basketball players of the national team of Montenegro were in a trance when they saw their friends celebrating the European gold, and they were almost the only real support during this match against the host.

Foto: youtube.com

Our players haven't forgotten it, and when they gathered in the center, they rushed to their friends to share their happiness.

Take a look at the details on the FIBA video immediately upon the end of the match.


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