A great Serbian intellectual, Vladeta Jerotic, passed away. This is what he used to say

The death occurred early this morning

The Foundation of Vladeta Jerotic announced that its founder passed away this morning in Belgrade, aged 95, academician Vladeta Jerotic

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Vladeta Jerotic was a prominent Serbian doctor, neuropsychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer, versatile erudite and academician of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). 

It was confirmed to Telegraf that the death occurred early this morning.

He was very popular among the public because he talked about very serious topics.

Vladeta spoke with fluent words about the most difficult psychological and social problems.

- Where did that come from... God's grace, genetics, and personal effort. I always strive to speak with a simple language. Simple! You should reach that. Work on that. I wrote a journal while I was younger, that meant a lot for getting to know yourself - Jerotic said.

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He was born in Belgrade in 1924 where he graduated from school. He specialized neuropsychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, and then also psychotherapy abroad. He was a professor on the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade, where he taught pastoral psychology and medicine.

The halls were full wherever he was a guest, and the rewards he received cannot be counted. The latest ones were: "National Teacher", "Great Charter of Branko's Kolo", and the reward for life's work "Dositej Obradovic". He received a medal of St Sava of the first degree, the reward "Isidora Sekulic", "Lazar Kostic", "Djordje Jovanovic"...

He was a welcome guest on TV shows and the viewers carefully listened to his messages. 

"If you are lonely, that is because you have isolated yourself and if you are humble enough you will never be lonely. Try to step down and to learn modesty and you will never be alone again".

"Children don't strengthen marriage. Where the marriage is good it can become even better with children. Where it is not, it becomes even worse. Stable marriages are stable no matter how many children there are. That means, a child is exactly like that marriage."

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"The decisive factor of child's wrong development is the lack of warmth, safety, and authority of parents themselves. If the child is hopeless at the start, it should receive that first necessary impulse towards safety and care from parents. It has no other criteria for the self-value than recognition it receives from the closest environment".

"Spirituality is not like a chewing gum that sticks in your mouth for years, it is the best treat that has to be swallowed in order to have effect from the inside."

"A man is pleased and pleasured when someone loves him, but he is happy when he loves someone. Love and joy are definitely the personality traits and experiences that make him the greatest force of nature."

"Serb doesn't like crying. You shouldn't artificially cry, and if you want to cry - cry. Learn a little, your woman should be there beside you, she should know that a man can try as well. Not because that makes him weaker. On the contrary, he is STRONGER if we look at it from Christian perspective."


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