A man from Subotica has gathered 600.000 dinars in coins in 7 years, and when he wanted to invest them he realized that he was in a deep problem

No one wanted to accept my metal savings. No bank wanted it, he said

R. V. from Subotica, who has been saving metal money for years, couldn't exchange the 600.000 dinars (around 5.000 euros). He managed to spend a part of it, but he couldn't change the part of it into paper money. National Bank of Serbia reacted upon his problem after his story was published in media.

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- National Bank of Serbia really helped me and I am really grateful. They called me and they said that they heard about my problem and that they will help me if I still didn't exchange all of the money, which I started spending according to the advice of NBS. They told me the next day to take all of the 20 dinar coins, which I had around 200.000 dinars, to a bank in Subotica, and they can exchange that for me. The representative of NBS gave me his phone number and told me to call him right away if they make any problems in the bank, however, when I took the coins, they knew what it was about so I had no problems - R.V. said.

R.V. who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of his family, his wife and a child, started the unusual way of saving in 2011. He gathered only metal coins, and he gathered 600.000 dinars, so he decided to spend the money on construction of his family home. That is when his problems started.

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- No one wanted to accept my metal savings. No bank. When I told my bank what is the amount, they refused it. I contacted other banks and they said that I can take 10.000 or 15.000 dinars, but just once. That is why I called NBS in Belgrade where they told me that there is no law that obliges someone to exchange coins. Their advice was to spend the coins of 20 dinars and I took their advice - R.V. said and adds that he had a lot of problems while trying to spend them.

That is when he ordered a dining table which cost 25.000 dinars.

- I brought a deposit of 5.000 dinars in paper bills, and when I left to get a table I have brought the rest of the money, twenty dinar coins, wrapped in paper, they didn't want to take it under the excuse that the bank won't acknowledge their profit. A worker said that the bank will take 1.000 dinars of commission for 20.000 dinars. I paid, but when I said that the bank will have problems, they returned 1.000 dinars and they admitted that they didn't ask for it - R.V. said.

They didn't want to accept the metal savings in certain exchange offices. He went to the Market inspection where they claimed that his case is not under their jurisdiction and they sent him to Financial inspection which controls the cash registers and daily markets, but they told him that they don't do cases like that.

- I was in a stalemate. But everything is finished now. We are finally solving the construction of the house - R.V. said.

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