The family of the dead baby Danica crushed with pain: My little thing, our light, and joy. It would be her first birthday last week (PHOTO)

The death of little Danica shook everybody

Danica Budimovski, who was brought back to life by doctors after not waking up in the kindergarten, died the day later. Despite the superhuman struggle of a doctor for the life of a one-year-old girl from Vrcin in the intensive care unit at the Institute for Mother and Child "Dr. Vukan Cupic", her heart stopped beating.

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The situation was tough until Monday afternoon when she lost the battle for her life. There was a cardiac arrest again around 16:00h.

- We urgently tried reanimating her twice. Unfortunately, we didn't succeed. We gave our best, we gathered the best team of doctors, we didn't leave her for a second, but there was nothing that we could do - said one of the doctors from the institute who participated in the treatment of the baby.

The parents of the girl, Marija and Todor, 24, did not leave her side and the doctors allowed them to enter the Intensive care department and to be with her. However, that was no good.

Foto: Facebook/Marija Budimovski

The death of little Danica shook everybody. She was adapting in the new kindergarten, and everybody who knew her said that she was really nice.

- We are shocked, she was a happy and healthy child, this is a terrible tragedy. Marija and Todor are wonderful people, they only had her. My daughter is going to the same kindergarten. I spoke on the phone with Marija the night when Danica was transferred to hospital. She was devastated, and I fear for her health - said one of the neighbors.

Danica's grandma, Dusica Budimovski prayed for everything to be alright.

- My little things, our light and joy, my God, please, just to be healthy again, to return to us! Please God, save her. She was always healthy, joyful, full of energy, and she would celebrate her first birthday last week, she was so happy. I don't know what happened. Her parents haven't been eating for two days, they don't sleep, pain and suffering are crushing them - Dusica said with tears in her eyes.

Foto: Facebook/Marija Budimovski

According to the locals, the mother of the one-year-old girl is an educator, and she was in the kindergarten during the time of the accident, she came to take her home earlier. She asked the teacher to wake her up, however, Danica showed no signs of life and the mother was called immediately.


Another mysterious death of the baby happened on Monday in Belgrade. Lifeless body was found around 6:30 in the Belgrade suburb Mirijevo. Brendon Tafa, the father of the four months old baby from Mirijevo, said for Kurir that her daughter Satafa died in her sleep, just one after she was fed by her mother Anita and put to sleep.

- I work at "City Sanitation" and I got up at 5 in the morning. I washed my face and I wanted to see the baby. When I came close she looked strange to me. Her face changed color. I watched if she was breathing, I was careful not to wake her up, but she wasn't breathing. I moved her around a bit, but since she wasn't waking up I realized that the situation is not right - said the father Brendon Tafa.

He adds that he immediately woke everybody up and he called for the ambulance.

- The doctors said that it happens with babies, that baby dies for some reason, although it all looks alright - Tafa said.

His wife Anita (22) said that the child had problems breathing before.

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