Police officer Marina saved a raped girl from even worse fate: She reacted quickly with her colleague Marko (PHOTO)

They called the Belgrade Police Intervention Unit along the way to help them

Girl K.S. (18) from Belgrade was raped in the street of Nikola Djurkovic on Vozdovac, and the state of Nigeria Victor Messi (31) is suspected.

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He raped K.S. in the house where he is staying, he threatened her with a knife. The girl managed to get away from the Nigerian, she ran at the street at luckily she found a police patrol.

Police officer Marina Starcevic and Marko Jovanovic reacted swiftly, and they headed to the house where the crime took place. They called the Belgrade Police Intervention Unit along the way to help them.

The police found Victor Messi and A.M. (29), a citizen of Somalia, clearly intoxicated, who resisted arrest. They were drunk, and the suspect Messi tried to escape from the scene.

Starcevic and Jovanovic, with the help of the intervention unit, managed to handle and to arrest them with effective intervention.

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