They gave me 500 euros to clean the apartment and to remove the evidence: Terrible confession of Smilja Scepanovic in the middle of the courtroom!

This time, at the hearing, in the role of witness, the mother of Milos Vojinovic appeared, Smilja Scepanovic

The trial for Milos Delibasic, Sasa Cvetanovic, Goran Bojanic, and Milos Vojnovic, who are the members of the criminal group charged for the murder of the brother of Luka Bojovic, Nikola, in the center of Belgrade in April 2013, and for the murder of Milos Vidakovic, in July of the same year in Budva, was held today in the Special Court.

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This time, at the hearing, in the role of witness, the mother of Milos Vojinovic appeared, Smilja Scepanovic.

- My son is especially attached to me and he always told me everything, even the crimes that he has committed. He has told me about the murder of Vidakovic in Budva. When he went to Budva, he didn't contact me for 15 days, which was weird for me because we used to talk to each other 4 or 5 times a day. I went to Uske and I told that I will report that my son is missing if he doesn't appear in 2 days. Milos really returned in 2 days - said Milos' mother Smilja.

She said that he told her that he has been in Budva with Novakovic, Delibasic, and Saranovic.

- He was forbidden to contact me during that time because they planned the murder of Vidakovic. Delibasic has told him that he should liquidate Vidakovic because he will start revenging for the murder of Bojovic. They practiced shooting in Budva, they would go around on "Vespa" and were preparing - she said in front of the judge.

As Smilja Scepanovic said, "Delibasic is a manipulator" because he controlled and used her son Milos Vojinovic.

They brought Katic when they kidnapped him to my apartment, and they have told me to get out. When I returned, they gave me 500 euros and they told me to clean the apartment. I immediately saw that something happened there, sheets were on the windows. I have cleaned the apartment, I had to protect my son. They gave me the money to remove the evidence - Vojinovic's mother stated in her testimony.

Her son, Milos Vojinovic, confessed this crime and received three years and 10 months in prison. And according to his mother's testimony, there are more crimes in which they participated, but this has not yet been revealed.

- I asked my son to go to the police to say what he has done, so Delibasic won't drag him anymore into the crime. Who knows what would have happened if he didn't listen - Smilja said in front of the jury.

Delibasic requested to ask questions to the mother of Milso Vojinic and the judge warned him to be careful how he talks because he is talking to a lady. 

Delibasic had a constatation to that:

- A lady you say? Well, her husband also knows that she was in prostitution in Italy for 11.000 Liras - said Delibasic through laughter.

Milos, who was accused by Smilja that he is a manipulator, laughed all the time while she was giving her testimony and he had remarks.

She testified for the first time in 2014, and she didn't want to say everything because, as she said, Delibasic threatened her.


Milos was free more than a month ago, and the, with the decision of the Appellate Court, he was returned to custody and then started a hunger strike.

- I wanted to say, I will start a hunger strike - said Delibasic and he added that he informed United Nations about his case, claiming that they have already contacted him from that organization.

To recall, in the first trial, he was acquitted of the charges, but that charges were abolished and the procedure was returned to the start.

To recall, Milos Delibasic, Sasa Cvetanovic, Goran Bojanic, and Milos Vojinovic are on the indictment bench, while Slavisa Novakovic and Ratko Koljensic are on the run.


- I've created an extra-marital community. There were some problems before, now we are back here, we live together", Delibasic said and asked the court to allow his wife Mirjana Djeric, who is on the witness's list, to sit in the audience.

- She will invoke the right not to testify. Can she come here, so I can watch her? - asked Delibasic at the beginning of the year in the courtroom.

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