We are ready to intervene whenever security is endangered: KFOR spokesman for Telegraf about Thaci threats with the army and the police to Serbia

They state that they maintain a constant and good relationship with all security factors on Kosovo, as well as with the army of Serbia, in order to prevent any unexpected actions or events

KFOR reacted on the statement of the president of provisional Pristina institutions, Hashim Thaci, that so-called Kosovo will respond with military and police to the "Serbian threats", as a real state. A spokesman for NATO's military mission, Vincenzo Grasso, told Telegraf.rs that KFOR is ready to intervene whenever security is threatened. 

Serbian Army is ready and is carefully observing developments in Kosovo: Chief of Staff assessed: Situation stable but unpredictable

- As the commander-in-chief of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) I say that Kosovo will directly respond to every threat from Serbia. It will answer with military and police if Serbia doesn't stop with war-mongering rhetoric - said Thaci, reports Klan Kosova.

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When asked by Telegraf to comment on Thaci's threat, a spokesman for KFOR stated that he doesn't comment on political statements.

- The situation in Kosovo is calm and there are no signs of threats from anywhere. Nevertheless, we have often reiterated that we are inviting everyone to refrain from rhetorics which causes inadequate tension and causes the concern of the population - said Grasso.

As he said, KFOR invites all speakers and media to be careful with their words in order not to provoke deeper consequences.

The only concern is due to the rhetorics that is in use because it creates the environment where an isolated incident could escalate - they said from KFOR.

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They state that they maintain a constant and good relationship with all security factors on Kosovo, as well as with the army of Serbia, in order to prevent any unexpected actions or events.

- KFOR is fully committed to its mandate in accordance with Security Council Resolution 1244 in order to guarantee safety and security for all people in Kosovo - noted the spokesperson of this military mission for Telegraf.rs and concluded:

- KFOR is ready to intervene whenever security is compromised.

In the meantime, the Serbian list responded to Thaci's statement.

- The truth that the president Aleksandar Vucic said many times is confirmed every day, there are no differences among the politicians in Pristina whose only goal is to make a clean Kosovo and Metohija without Serbs - written in the statement of the Serbian list.

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They say that the threats to peace which were uttered by Thaci are a direct threat to the safety of our citizens, in this open race of political representatives of Albanians in who hates Serbs, Serbia, and Vucic the most.

- The rattle of weapons, the attacks on our vice president Milan Radoicic with made up and unfounded allegations, the announcement of taking over of municipalities of Central Serbia, show the real face of Hashim Thaci who publicly admitted last night that he participates in the dialogue at the request of the international community, not for the desire to reach compromise and peace. One among the many lies is that Serbs have all the right, forgetting that even the State Department report clearly underlined institutional violence over Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija which prevents the people who left to return to their homes - they stated from the Serbian List.

Serbian List, as it is written in the statement, also calls for peace and restraint of citizens, to take these threats with reason, but with the confirmation that Serbia is behind the Serbian people and that our supreme commander Aleksandar Vucic will now allow expulsion and attacks on our people.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Ivas / marko.ivas@telegraf.rs)

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