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There won't be any unpunished violence: The president of Serbia about the protesters charging in the Radio Television of Serbia and protests in Belgrade


Leaders of the Alliance for Serbia charged in the building of the Radio-Television of Serbia, together with the part of the protesters of "One of Five Milion", and they demanded to allow some of the representatives of the protest to go live from this media house

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President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the public after the charging in of the protesters and the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia into the building of RTS and the protests on the streets of Belgrade, and he is talking about the current events in the country.

Stones and bottles were flying: The footage of the attack on the police officers in Belgrade (VIDEO)


The president said that the elections are in March next year, but it is not impossible for it to happen earlier.

In any case, the people will say what they want - said Aleksandar Vucic.

He said that Serbian Progressive party have the Assembly and Congress this year so they might ask him to lead the SPP list one more time, and he added, "let these hysterical people finish until Easter, who like to shout", referring to the speech of Vuk Jeremic, who said that "Vucic's fall will happen until Easter".

- If they finish until Easter, then someone else will lead them and if they don't then we will win one more time, then the time will come for young people and new strengths - added Vucic.


- Those were civil protests but after what has happened, I get the picture. It is known who is leading them - said the president and he said that no one will allow them to do violence.

He said that the police would go even stronger if the protesters attacked the reporters.


He said that he understood the political requests of the opposition - for him to go away so "they could take over the rule in order to steal".


Speaking about investments, Aleksandar Vucic stated that the state creates conditions for re-industrialization of Serbia by opening new factories, by opening up railroads, gasification and connecting the country with railroads and highways, and that is why he is not afraid because he has results which cannot be erased.

We are completely creating the conditions for re-industrialization of Serbia, stated Vucic while he was a guest on Pink Television.

- Why should I be afraid? You can't erase this with anything, with no lies, with no nonsense. If you know how much you are working, then there is no need to be afraid - he said.

He said that there is a surplus in the budget for the four consecutive years, that Serbia has economic growth, the unemployment is reduced and the public debt is reduced.

He stated that 200 factories have been opened during his rule and he personally participated in the opening of 82 factories and plants, and in a total of 100 objects.


When it comes to the railroads, Vucic said that the Bar railroad has been restored, from Resnik to Valjevo, then six parts on the Corridor 10 were restored, and the railroad Belgrade - Budapest through Serbia is being built, and the line Novi Sad - Subotica will soon be constructed.

He announced that around 800 million euros will be invested there in the next 2 years, so the trains could go with 120 km/h from Belgrade to Presevo.

While speaking about gas, he said that we entered a big agreement with Russians so Serbia could receive gas for the development of industry and attract new investors. He added that a gas line will be built in Aleksandrovac and in Tutin, and it is significantly important of the gas line to go to Bulgarian border at Zajecar to Horgos. The president said that we will have transit gas, which we could give to Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia if they want to take that gas.

He said that the capacity will be increased of the underground storage Banatski Dvor of 750 million cubic meters of gas in the first phase and to billion cubic meters of gas in the second phase and that there is a plan to construct gas plants.

Speaking about roads, Vucic stated that almost the entire 120 km highway from Belgrade to Cacak will be completed, together with the part Surcin - Obrenovac, which will be over until the end of this year, and the highway Obrenovac to Cacak will be completed in May or up to Jun 1st.

He adds that the construction of highway Preljina - Pozega of 31 km will begin before summer.

- And then the construction of the highway Duge Poljane and Boljara will be continued, which is very important for all Serbs and Bosniaks who have connections will Belgrade and Sarajevo, since the highway will be built towards Kotroman and Visegrad - he said and emphasized that Morava corridor will be built, which will connect corridors 10 and 11.


The president of Serbia announced that some of the research shows that he, after the protests that escalated with the RTS and demonstrations, that he received more support than ever before, and that his political opponents - less than ever before.

- We have done a small survey of public opinion - I would get more votes than ever before, they would get the smallest number of votes, that is how much they disturbed the regime - said Vucic.


He said that the protesters were 11 meters away from there and he said that "he is dying from laughter when they start shouting "Vucic, thief".


The president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said last night that some of the researchers show that he would get most votes after the protests that escalated into charging in the RTS building.

- We have done a small survey of public opinion - I would get more votes than ever before, they would get the smallest number of votes, that is how much they disturbed the regime - said Vucic.

- They thought that they will put fear into my bones, that I will shake - added Vucic and said that he is not afraid at all.


He said that he had to get out of the presidency building at one time but he didn't want a single Serb to get injured.

I could have gotten out at any moment, but some of the people would be injured, and that is why I avoided any Serb getting injured - he said.

Vucic said to the protesters that they are cowards and they can't enter, although there are only around 20 guys in the Presidency.

He said that he was very pleased about something and he thanked the decent and normal Serbia and tens of thousands of people who gathered in some cities and who were ready to come to Belgrade as support, and he asked them not to come.

For example, there were 780 of them in Krusevac and they wanted to come to Belgrade. RTS said a "great number of people", they are afraid of their own shadow in RTS, they all are, so they say that there is a great number of people. Actually, there were 687 of them today, and later on, in front of the police (in Despot Stefan street) 450, and you are talking about the great number of people all the time. 


To recall, the leaders of Alliance for Serbia charged last night into the Radio Television of Serbia, together with the part of the demonstrators "One of Five Million", and they demanded that the representatives of the protest are allowed to address the public in a live show of this media house. After short negotiations, the members of the police threw out the protestors of the building. The protests continue today, in front of the presidency building, where president Vucic has called for a conference.

They are very nervous because Sergej Trifunovic passed them in rating, that is why they decided to radicalize the protest. I am sorry because they have abused some young people for their plans. The other reason is that Dragan Djilas is aware that his court cases are getting to the end soon and that he will have to answer - said Vucic.

When asked if he feels difficult when some people call him a traitor, Vucic said that the people who participated in the events in 2004, 15 years ago when pogrom of Serbs on Kosovo and Metohijahappened, whose reaction was to burn down a mosque.

They were shouting to the police "Go to Kosovo". Why didn't you go in 2004, why didn't you shout to the police officers to protect Devic, Bogorodica Ljeviska? Why didn't you send them then? Or in 2008, when they proclaimed independence? They were quiet, one of them escaped to Romania, and the other one didn't know what to do with himself. Or in 2009, when they returned the dialogue from UN to EU? Or in 2001, when they set the border on Brnjak and Jarinje and they hunted Serbs who wanted to demolish that border - asked Vucic.


The success of Serbia is that it managed to unite 28 countries regarding the taxes Pristina has introduced on Serbian products, the EU, USA, friends from Russia and China, marked the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, adding that Serbia will do everything to avoid the conflicts, because every further war would destroy our country, which faces negative demography.

Vucic said in the interview that our position in the world is much better than before, but, as he adds, it is hard when there is pressure on all sides, when the Albanians are behaving irrationally, when you have to protect yourself from all sides with a few resources, when you have almost nothing in your hands.


We have managed to do that despite the hysteria in Pristina, and I would like to remind that they didn't respect the Brussels agreement, they have put 100% taxes which is not recorded in modern history, and the platform which means they don't want to talk, and we acted rationally besides that - he said.

Vucic said we shouldn't, although someone suggested, to put the same countermeasures.

- Everybody in the world can see who is to blame, you can't blame Serbia, no matter how much you dislike it - he explained.

- Everybody says that Pristina is to blame for the taxes. We have managed to unite 28 countries, EU, USA, friends from Russia and China around taxes, and that is a great success of Serbia. That is a success because we managed to show what they have done - he stressed.

He reiterated that there won't be any backing down, taxes must be abolished.

He said that Serbia does everything to avoid conflicts, that it is not a bureaucratic language learned from the EU because there are a very few Serbs left since we lost many during these wars.


- Our greatest problem is demography, we are losing people. I have seen that we are losing double, and triple of people compared to newborns. Every next war would destroy the country. That is why it is important to preserve it - he said.

At the same time, he said that Belgrade cannot go over pogrom or attacks on Serbs.

I have been thinking for many days and nights even before I said it in Backa Palanka, that we won't allow another "Operation Storm". I didn't say that by accident. I am behind my words, that is why I said that I won't run today. It is a crucial question about Kosovo, whether we will have the courage to solve that question, ever - he said.

Vucic said that the essence in that is to decide if we want to have a solution or not.

We should ask the question to false patriots what is their solution.

If they say frozen conflict, then we should ask what to do if Albanians take Trepca mine or if they attack the war. Where is the frozen conflict? That is why it is important to talk, so you are not the one to blame - he concluded.

VIDEO: Fierce conflict of police and protesters, one of the people was arrested 


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