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A Russian volunteer lost his eye in the war in Kosovo in 1999, and he has named his son Lazar: After 20 years he says "Your brother kisses you, I will always be with you" (PHOTO)


"I have moved the sniper to my other shoulder, I licked the blood off the scope with my tongue and I kept shooting"

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Albert Ahsarbekovic Andiev, a Russian from South Ossetia, crossed thousands of kilometers to help the Serbian brothers and he defended our country during the NATO bombing.

NATO said at the 20th anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia: Here's why we bombed you

Russian volunteer has lost his right eye in Kosovo. After everything, he continued to live in Serbia. He got married and he got a son. He has named him - Lazar.

I have told my son: My son, your destiny will be hard, but you must never love Russia more than you love Serbia, and you must not love Serbia more than Russia, you must love them equally - he said on the 20th anniversary of the bombing.

Upon arriving at Kosovo, Albert was placed as a sniper in the 549th motorized brigade which defended the very border to Albania and Macedonia, which was 150 km wide. He has lost an eye in the war, he was wounded, and he is a 100% war military invalid.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

- In the action against the terrorist center near Suva Reka, I was hit in the eye. I was thinking fast. I have moved the sniper to my other shoulder, I licked the blood off the scope with my tongue and I kept shooting. I felt as if I was losing conscience, somehow I got up and that is when I was shot by another bullet in the hand. I was aware that if I keep sitting down I won't be able to stand up. My comrades soon took me and they placed me in the rear - Andiev said.

He said in Kragujevac that he "hasn't" lost his right eye.

I haven't lost it, I left it, to return at some point to search for it, no matter the cost - said Andiev and his comrades understood him and greeted him with thunderous applause.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

The Russian volunteer was treated after the injury in the hospital in Pristina, and since he managed to escape back to battle, he was sent to the Military medical academy in Belgrade. They have told him to wait for the prosthesis for two months, and he told him that if they have no more treatments, he has to go and help his war friends. He appeared in the unit the next day with an eyepatch, ready for new battles. He remained until the last moment and he retreated with the Serbian army.

On the 20th anniversary of the bombing of Serbia, Andiev said that he wouldn't like to keep this day as a tragedy for Serbs. 

That is the day when the NATO aggression against Serbia started, but at that time, we had a lot of strength, although little, we humiliated a lot stronger opponent, to show that we can bite as well, to show that we can make sacrifices - said Andiev.

He mentioned in Kragujevac that he expected more people on the marking of the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the bombing, especially since it is a city which suffered a lot in wars. 

- I expected to see a lot more young people here because they are the ones who will have to continue protecting what we managed to protect, and what the politicians have lost. Your brother loves you, I have always been there for you, and I will still be with you! As long as I have life in me, that life belongs to you - said the Russian volunteer Albert Ahsarbekovic Andiev in Kragujevac on March 24th, 2019.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Raca)

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